Outdoor Comfort at Half the Cost

As even the most novice camping enthusiast knows, sleeping conditions out in the wilderness aren’t quite as luxurious as they are at home, but it’s part of the experience, right? However, as campers grow in experience, they discover how harsh the ground is on their joints, impacting the enjoyment of camping. 

In an effort to combat long-term injury, more and more adventurers are electing to prep the ground beneath their sleeping bag with a camping pad in their tent, allowing campers to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come.  

While camping pads may seem like a dauntingly broad category, considering all options is how seasoned campers maximize their outdoor comfort. 

Smart Shopping for Scenic Sleeping 

When purchasing a camping pad, it’s easy to mistakenly pay extra for a “specialized” pad from an outdoor brand or retailer. In reality, pads that are sold as specialized for the outdoors are the same big pieces of foam, with the same level of padding as more affordable alternatives like fitness mats. 

Mats designed for activities like gymnastics and home-exercise are great for camping because they feature foam made to absorb pressure from joints and a moisture-wicking vinyl cover that is extremely durable. 

Stock Up for Your Next Expedition 

If you’re looking to revolutionize your outdoor sleeping experience, then We Sell Mats is here to help you find that perfect fit for your next adventure. Our selection of folding exercise mats features options for half the price of “specialized” pads from outdoor retailers. The folding design of our exercise mats make it easy to stow them in your exploration vehicle of choice or on an external-frame backpack when they aren’t in your tent. 

In this age of social distancing, it is a great time to go camping and We Sell Mats encourages campers of all experience levels sleep healthy and comfortably out in the wilderness. Check out more ways to soften the impact of camping. 

Better Knee Support Makes the Jobsite Work for You

For millions of American tradespeople, spending hours kneeling in low or tight spaces is a part of the job. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of their knees, which accounts for nearly a fifth of lost-time injuries according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. To prevent long-term knee damage and lower income caused by lost worktime, all tradespeople should consider investing in proper knee protection. 

Choosing the Right Knee Protection 

When it comes to safeguarding your knees on the jobsite, most tradespeople flock to knee pads and rolling protection. While kneepads are great for protecting against continuous impact whether you’re sitting, kneeling, or standing, they tend to restrict range of motion. Additionally, prices for kneepads can stretch upwards of $60, meanwhile rolling protection ranges from $55 to $260, making them both expensive options.  

An option that most people forget to consider when shopping for jobsite knee protection is a portable mat to be deployed anywhere that requires you to work on your knees. A forgiving surface like foam offers impact absorption and comfort without compromising a range of motion. A large foam mat also grants you the opportunity to move across several square feet of floorspace without the need for wheels. 

Mats That Are Up to the Task 

If you plan on using foam mats to protect your knees on the jobsite, the only place you need to shop is We Sell Mats. Not only does our EVA foam rival the padding of kneepads but even our thickest foam tiles will only cost $15 for 8 sq. ft of lightweight workspace. For heavy-duty applications, Vélotas Rubber-Topped tiles offer similar protection while also standing up to added wear and tear from rugged boots and tools.  

We Sell Mats thanks all of the essential tradespeople and workers getting the world through this tough time and we encourage all tradespeople to take jobsite safety seriously by considering the long-term health of their joints. Check out more padding options designed for the workplace and beyond. 

Keeping Kids Off of the Couch During Quarantine

With schools closed and sports programs suspended indefinitely, all the activities that kept kids moving seemingly disappeared overnight, resulting in kids spending more and more time on the couch watching TV and playing video games. Now that school and other programs are out of the picture, it’s up to parents to keep their kids active and occupied. By keeping kids off the couch in this time when it is easy to do so, parents can keep them on track for when things go back to normal and instill good habits that potentially last a lifetime. 

Staying on Track with the Help of a Routine 

What makes the self-isolation lifestyle jarring for a kid is that where there was once structure, it is now a free-for-all. Before quarantine, they’re days started with urgency bright and early, and with set times. Once they arrived at school, the trend continued as classes, physical activities, and leaving were on a consistent schedule.  

Now that they’re home, you have a wide-open opportunity to continue this trend and occupy your kids with meaningful regular activity. By enforcing a set wake up time every weekday, ensuring they’re on top of their at-home schoolwork, and encouraging daily physical activity. With the help of a routine, your kids have a much better chance at avoiding a day on the couch and making the most out of their time safe at home. 

Physical Activity Done Right 

In order to make the most of your kids’ new dedicated exercise time, we recommend that you equip a space that’s up to the task. With the help of interlocking foam mats, you can prepare any indoor area for exercise and at-home physical education. With the addition of gymnastics shapes like octagons and inclines, you can make the area in question a fun place to play any time of day, without the need for electronics. 

We Sell Mats wishes the best of luck to the parents and guardians across the country that are newly tasked with becoming teachers and coaches. Get inspired with more ways to promote an active quarantine life for the kids in your life. 

Getaway to Your Own Private She-Shed

During this time of quarantine, it can be hard to get some time for yourself if you live with children or loved ones. However, in recent years many women have taken to designing a place they can escape to in the form of she-sheds. While the term was coined in 1992, she-sheds didn’t gain popularity until 2016, since then they have grown extremely popular on social media and have become the go-to DIY project for women seeking their own personal retreat. While we are all stuck at home, why not outfit your old shed into the she-shed of your dreams for a deserved break from the quarantine stress in celebration of National Women’s Health Week (May 10-16). 

Tips for Transforming an Old Shed  

Before you go ripping out studs and shelves, make sure your shed is structurally sound and then ask yourself what the purpose of your she-shed is. Is it a private reading nook? Your new yoga studio? Perhaps it’s a workshop for even more DIYs! Regardless, visualizing the use of your she-shed will make for straightforward decision making and a faster turnaround. 

Once you have a clear plan in mind, covering up the evidence that it was ever a place for old tools with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring to cover up hard plywood or concrete will make the space more inviting for continuous use. Now that your she-shed is coming together all there is to do is finish it off with lighting, decorations, entertainment, and comfy furniture according to your unique design plan. 

Shopping for She-Shed Essentials 

If you’re looking to save on outfitting the floor of your she-shed, then check out We Sell Mats for our interlocking foam tiles that come in a style that is sure to match your she-shed. For vibrant and sporty sheds, our multipurpose tiles are great for working out for their superior grip. Our carpet-top and wood printed tiles can give your she-shed a homey feel without the need for cumbersome rolls of carpet or wood flooring. 

We Sell Mats understands the importance of de-stressing during this difficult time and your very own she-shed may be the perfect place to do so this National Women’s Health Week. Check out more ways to furnish your home/she-shed. 

Thanking Those on the Frontline for National Nurses Week

For healthcare professionals, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially difficult. In some hospitals, there just aren’t enough doctors and nurses to go around, and the rest are being spread increasingly thin. In these tough times, nurses across the country are heroically stepping up to battle the near one million coronavirus cases in the U.S. with dwindling supplies, putting themselves at risk in the process. This makes this year’s National Nurses Week (May 6-12) perhaps the most important in history as now more than ever, nurses the world over deserve appreciation and support. 

Being a Nurse During a Pandemic 

As you can imagine, a day on the front lines of a pandemic isn’t your typical shift as a nurse. In the areas that are being hit the hardest, it isn’t uncommon for nurses to be working twelve-hour shifts right now, protected by yesterday’s equipment, and fulfilling a doubled workload. While the situation may look bleak, in an interview with Patch.com one Chicago nurse described being the last line of defense as “a humbling and fulfilling feeling words cannot even begin to describe.” 

How to Support Nurses 

Right now, the best thing you can do is stay home to lighten the load on nurses and our healthcare system. After that, donating protective items like nitrile gloves, face shields, and masks to keep hospitals stocked up with enough supplies for nurses to feel safe when working with patients. 

If you’re interested in seeing how our mats may be able to help nurses and other healthcare workers, then check out this other post. We Sell Mats sends our deepest gratitude to the nurses on the frontlines fighting this pandemic and we encourage everyone to reach out to the nurses in your life and thank them for everything they do. 

Staying Active While Staying Safe at Home

With the rapidly evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve witnessed several of our favorite local and national businesses temporarily close their doors in the interest of public safety. From restaurants, to sporting events, to schools, its easy to say that everyone has been affected by the pandemic in some way.  

Of the businesses that were forced to close, gyms and fitness clubs were some of the first to go. While making up for lost reps may not be the first thing on your mind in these uncertain times, finding ways to stay active during your self-isolation is the perfect way to keep from going stir-crazy. 

Living Room is the New Gym 

Just because you can’t go to the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t break a quality sweat. Luckily there are thousands of videos on the internet that can be viewed for free on a computer or smart TV to guide you through stationary workouts for any muscle group. Combined with yoga, your living room becomes the complete package for physical wellness. 

A common misconception of the new stay-at-home ordered lifestyle is that it isn’t safe to go outside, which fortunately isn’t the case. Going out for walk or run around the block adds the necessary cardio to your home-workout regiment, and the fresh air is a highly recommended way to stay sane during this challenging time. 

Gear-Up Against the Odds 

If a closed gym and self-isolation has shaken up your workout routine, then now is your chance to outfit your living room or other adapted home workout space with the best equipment. A top-quality folding exercise mat from We Sell Mats keeps you off of the unforgiving floor and is the perfect addition to your quarantine routine. Ours are made robust enough for any type of workout and conveniently fold up to stow away for when your living room goes back to being a living room. 

We Sell Mats is working around the clock packing and shipping orders to ensure everyone has access to a more comfortable home workout and we thank you for doing your part by staying home. 

Quality Over Everything Else

Since 2006, owners of We Sell Mats, Ken and Missy Richardson have made a pledge to create safe and high-quality flooring. Just because something is cost-effective, doesn’t mean it should be poor quality.  

We Sell Mats was founded on taming the frustration of a lack of safe and affordable flooring options on the market. They work directly with the manufacturers to maintain quality control, product safety, and to develop new and fun merchandise. 

What Makes We Sell Mats Different?  

Why It Matters 

We take our products seriously because we take our customer’s safety seriously. Most We Sell Mats products are intended for rigorous exercise, competitive training and worry-free fun. If our products aren’t up to our high standards of quality, then we won’t sell them to you.  

Low-quality, poorly made, or non-tested products can put athletes at risk of serious injury. And we can’t let that happen. That’s why you can ensure every one of our products are safety tested, made from high-performance materials and come from reputable manufacturers that we, as a family-owned business, trust ourselves.  

Home Music Production Starts with a Great Studio

If you have a passion for music, it’s only a matter of time until you want to begin recording. While your first inclination may be to seek out a professional recording specialist, you will quickly find how expensive their services can be with even local pros charging around $50/hr. This is where home-production shines, with the money you save not paying for professional recording, you can invest in a quality home studio and learn the fulfilling art of music production.

Rounding Up the Basics for Home Recording

Building a quality home-studio takes a lot more than a computer and a microphone, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in cables and peripherals. Here is a basic rundown of the necessary supplies.

  • Audio Interface: An audio interface is a crucial device that connects your microphones to your computer, turning analog sound input into digital audio data for your computer.
  • Recording Software: While the free software on your computer may get the job done, it is vital to invest in software that grants you the ability to alter multiple tracks of audio with effects, automation and edits.
  • High-Quality Speakers: While headphones are great for adjusting finite details in your recording, it’s impossible to fully digest your recordings without neutral desktop speakers known as studio monitors which grant you the full stereo experience as it travels through the air.
  • A Recording Booth: Our ears may not hear it, but every room has a sound, and your microphones are sure to pick it up. By making a booth that absorbs sound, free of extraneous noise from HVAC and the outside world, you will make cleaner, easy to work with recordings.

Building Your Booth

The top priority of your recording booth is to absorb unwanted noise, sound will bounce off of hard surfaces like walls and windows so packing it full of as many soft surfaces as possible will greatly improve the quality of your recordings. Larger rooms are more expensive to outfit and have inherent reverb that you may or may not want in your recordings, making small rooms like closets ideal for isolating your performance.

While closets are great for home recording, the common misconception is that the clothes within the closet do all the sound absorption for you. In order to get the most out of your closet, or any room for home recording, apply an additional soft layer to the walls.

An Unexpected Hero for Home Recording

Once you’ve found the perfect room for your home recording booth, you may be tempted to buy several square feet of soundproofing foam. With We Sell Mats, you don’t need to spend extra on insulating your booth. Our EVA foam tiles are lightweight, cost-effective and are easily affixed to walls for total sound absorption.

We Sell Mats is proud of the versatility of our products and we know they will make a great addition to your home studio.

EVA Mats 101: How to Get the Most out of Your Foam Flooring

With so many ways to implement mats into your home like playrooms, bedrooms and home-gyms, it’s easy to see why interlocking EVA foam flooring is sweeping the nation. But, while we love EVA foam mats for their versatility, anti-fatigue, and low-impact properties, they require special care apart from traditional flooring in your home. Below we have compiled a list that will guide you to maximizing the longevity of your EVA foam flooring. 

  • Stick to hard, flat surfaces: To prevent the mats from sliding, reduce friction on the bottom and interlocking points between tiles by placing them on surfaces such as concrete, tile, or hardwood floors, holding them in place with double-sided tape only improves this. 
  • Keep your mats indoors: Despite EVA foam’s resistance to the occasional spill, we don’t advise keeping them outside. Regular snow, rain, and debris can quickly deteriorate EVA foam flooring, so for outdoor use we recommend a heavier-duty option
  • Avoid pressure from sharp objects: EVA foam is dense and durable for everyday use, however, sharp corners from heavy furniture, standing in high heels, and the claws of certain pets can puncture or scratch the surface of your mats. 
  • Clean your mats often: Keep your mats free of unpleasant dust and corrosive bacteria by wiping them down with soap and water regularly. However, cleaning procedures vary based on what kind of mats you have. For example, carpet top tiles should be lint-rolled, premium carpet-top tiles can be vacuumed, and printed tiles should be cleaned more gently with disinfectant wipes. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy your EVA foam flooring for years to come, and as always, the best place to outfit your home with any style of EVA mats is We Sell Mats.  

High-Performance Flooring for Competitive Canines

Since the inception of the American Kennel Club’s annual dog agility championship in 1994, the number of entrants has grown more than 375%, signifying a rise in opportunity for competitors. For dogs and their owners hoping to one day compete at the highest level of the ever-growing dog sport of Agility, it takes years of training and determination. Front-runners of the sport spend years working with a wide range of obstacles designed to test their speed, jumping, and control on a range of surfaces. 

The Rise of EVA Foam in Dog Sports 

Championship caliber canines must master both indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoor courses typically feature a loose surface like dirt or grass, adding an element of endurance to a dog’s training with the introduction of a less comfortable and less predictable surface. When it comes to training for an indoor facility, no flooring material is endorsed for maximizing a dog’s abilities quite like EVA foam, which offers superior grip, durability, and impact absorption, great for seeing what a dog can really do in a safe, controlled environment. 

Experience the Difference 

Outfit your own indoor training facility with the help of We Sell Mats. Our interlocking EVA foam tiles provide dogs with superior traction and forgiving landings that will inspire them to be the best athletes they can be. 

Even if your goal isn’t to win championships, dog agility training is a fun and fulfilling way for a dog of any age to burn off a little extra energy, especially on our EVA foam mats. Additionally, training for Agility establishes a deeper bond between you and your dog. 

Check out more soft surfaces for your home that everyone will love, including your four-legged family members.