Custom-Made EVA Foam Halloween Costume

EVA Foam Megatron Halloween CostumeAny business loves to receive photos of happy customers using their products, and over the years we have really enjoyed seeing picture after picture of happy kids on ABC mats, proud fitness buffs showing off their new home gym, and even other businesses showing us their sharp new trade show booths. But really… this one takes the cake for the most creative use of EVA foam we’ve ever seen.

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Lowercase Alphabet Puzzle Mats On Sale!

We Sell Mats Alphabet Puzzle Mats are On Sale!Alphabet puzzle mats are a super-fun home accessory for any family with infants, toddlers, or young children. They brighten up the room, provide padding for those inevitable trips and falls, and their high-density foam makes cleaning up those even-more-inevitable spills a snap. As your kids grow and develop, they can even help with recognition of letters, numbers, and colors, and the interlocking patterns are great for improving motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

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Exercise Mats for Home Gym Flooring

Exercise Mats for Home Gym FlooringExercise mats for a home gym are among the most frequently requested items by people who call or email our customer service department. It’s great to have a chance to talk with customers about the specifics of their home gym because different set-ups may have different flooring needs. The great thing about a home gym is you can turn virtually any space into your own private fitness center, but the reality is that some spaces are better than others. When designing your home gym there are a number of things you want to take into consideration:

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Trade Show Flooring Dos and Don’ts

Interlocking foam mats make great trade show flooring.Flooring for trade show booths can be a tricky problem to solve. On the one hand, you want something that looks professional and attractive, but it also must be comfortable to stand on for several hours at a stretch. Practically, you’ll also be looking for a flooring solution that is as lightweight as possible, designed for fast and easy assembly, extremely durable, and ideally easy to clean.

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Gymnastics Mats for Kids Part of Growing Trend

Find Gymnastics Mats for Kids at WeSellMats.comIf you’ve got a child between the ages of 6-12, there’s a pretty good chance she or he has become involved with gymnastics in some way. According to the U.S. Trends in Team Sports report, gymnastics has the highest percentage of 6-12 year-olds participating compared to any other sport, with over 48% of all active gymnasts coming from that age group.

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