EVA Foam Cosplay

EVA Foam Cosplay

Cosplayers know, if you’re going to make a costume, you want to make it right, and among the various materials that have been used for making good pieces, EVA foam stands out for a few reasons. It’s often used in making sportswear, and for a lot of the same reasons, it’s also suitable for numerous applications in the cosplay world. So, let’s explore some of the things it can do for you and your outfit.

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Home Exercises for Women

Home Exercise for Women

Home exercises for women can be hard to find! Without cardio or weight-lifting machines in their homes, many women give up on home exercises and pay exorbitant fees for memberships and local gyms and health clubs. All these women wish they could exercise in their own homes, without hundreds of eyes staring at them. With home exercises, you don’t have to worry about another person’s sweaty germs on your cardio machine or feel ashamed of those last five pounds you haven’t lost yet.

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Playroom Decorating Ideas

When decorating your kid’s playroom the possibilities are endless, but based on our experience from seeing lots of customer photos of their own foam-mat-equipped playrooms, we’d suggest keeping the decoration slightly neutral. Since you may have boys and girls and kids interests are always changing as they grow up you won’t want to decorate with anything specific in case it is something they may grow out of or disagree on next week, next month, or next year.

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The Importance of Classroom Floor Mats

If you’re a preschool teacher or home school teacher or just a parent of young children, you probably already understand the value of having foam floor mats in your classroom space. When designing and assembling a classroom, you want to make sure that the flooring is suitable for your young students. When children are at a preschool or Kindergarten age they are still working on skills to help them gain better balance and mobility. For this reason it is almost a necessity to have mats in your classroom, particularly in any area meant for more relaxed play. Choosing the right classroom floor mats can be tricky because there are so many options out there.

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Home Sports Training

Home Sports Training

Looking to improve your performance in your chosen sport by training more at home? Practice makes perfect may be a commonly-known adage, but the truth is that the greatest sports stars didn’t get that way solely by giving 110% during formal team practice sessions. They became legends by bringing their practice home with them. Phil Ford is a legendary UNC basketball player, who still shares a school record for the highest free throw percentage in a game (1976). The story goes that young Phil would come home from basketball practice and shoot 100 free throws in his driveway. So, for all aspiring NBA stars, or those just trying to be the best on the company softball team, home sports training is the secret to success.

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Best Tumbling Mats for Learning a Back Handspring

All gymnastics facilities have safety as a first priority which is why having the best tumbling mats is a must. Tumbling is a very complex sport that can be dangerous even for those with years of experience. That’s why the importance of having the right materials is crucial for everyone involved. Continue reading “Best Tumbling Mats for Learning a Back Handspring”

Great Gymnastics Quotes

Great Gymnastics Quotes

Gymnastics may not be a winter sport as far as the Olympics are concerned, but here at We Sell Mats we can’t help but think about Gymnastics anytime the Olympics roll around. But what do most people know about the sport beyond the TV screen? We thought you might enjoy discovering more about this terrific sport through a few great gymnastics quotes from some of the biggest names in the history of the sport.

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Trade Show Floor Mats

Trade shows can be a huge deal for your business, and when you’re on your feet all day, there’s no substitute for a quality floor mat to put between your aching feet and the hard floor of whatever convention center you’ll be working in all day. Everyone from college professors to presidents know that a little cushion for your feet can and will go a long way in terms of making a long day on your feet bearable, and as you might have guessed, this kind of stuff is our specialty. We can help you find exactly the product you need for whatever situation you’ll find yourself in at the trade show.

Material and thickness are important factors in deciding what type of floor mats to get for your trade show booth, but as you know, presentation is everything, so don’t forget to consider the visual effect of the mats. A lot of our customers find that our wood grain floor mats suit their needs in this kind of environment very well. They provide comfort while giving your booth an aesthetic edge, and they’re easy to clean which is especially helpful for public events like a trade show. We sell them and other options in sets of varying sizes, so you don’t have to over-order to make sure that your booth’s walking space is comfortable.

When it comes time to order floor mats for your business’s trade show booth, WeSellMats.com is the best place to do it. If you find a couple different types of floor mats that you like, we can send you free samples so you can see exactly how they look and feel before you make your order. Better still, you can get a 5% discount just by liking our Facebook page, and once you do that, you’ll be the first to see when we have other sales and clearance items available, so you can save even more money with just the click of a button!