Controlling Kids’ Allergies

According to the Center for Disease Control, allergic conditions are among the most common medical condition affecting children in the United States. Some kids become hypersensitive to things in their environments like food or pollen that trigger allergic reactions. Hay fever, the most common respiratory allergy, is a reaction to small particulates that our kids breathe. Obviously the air outdoors will contain many respiratory allergens, but so can our family rooms, our kids’ bedrooms, and their playrooms. To cut back on the irritants in these areas, the Asthma and Allergy foundation makes several recommendations for controlling the air quality in your home. Continue reading “Controlling Kids’ Allergies”

Functional Fitness Training for Life

If you’re not a professional athlete, chances are you don’t need the specialized fitness training that level of athleticism requires. You want something that’s going to keep you fit, help you stay on top of your game (whatever game that may be), and lead a healthy life. The problem is that many of today’s popular workout routines, while they may help you be more fit than you’d be without them, tend to isolate muscle groups and encourage repetitive actions. Think about it: your day is full of multidirectional movements; is your workout routine? Continue reading “Functional Fitness Training for Life”