The Red Carpet Treatment

Everybody knows what red carpet is, right? It’s carpet that’s red. Well…more than that, it denotes something special, something important, usually a person. It appears that the first time a special red carpet was ever referenced was in the Greek play, Agememnon, written around 458 BC. King Agememnon comes home from the Trojan war and his wife (who’s got a thing going on the side) welcomes him home on a “crimson path.” He recognizes such luxury as being reserved for the gods and hesitates to use it himself. But it doesn’t matter, because his wife and her lover have conspired to have him killed. Lesson learned: when the wife rolls out the red carpet, RUN! Continue reading “The Red Carpet Treatment”

Use the Force

May the force be with you, and not against you. What you’re really worrying about when you look at fitness mats and flooring for your workout area of choice is force. Force is how all of your workouts happen, force is how you get stronger, but it’s also how you get injured during exercise. That’s why it’s extremely important to address the issue of your body’s downward force into the floor; with the right fitness mat, force from your body’s motion into the floor is comfortably diffused, which is especially necessary if you take a spill doing an extra-active exercise. Continue reading “Use the Force”

Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun

Look around – does your house look like it could pass for a daycare or maybe a plastic recycling center? Toys everywhere! Somehow the things don’t manage to stay confined to the kids’ rooms, do they? Here’s a hint: they never will! Time to consider designating a specific room in the house as a playroom. No worries – we’re here to help! Continue reading “Safe Playrooms for Creativity and Fun”

Gymnastics…For Life?

Kids are often encouraged to try lots of different sports and activities as young people, experimenting with different teams and hobbies to see what will stick. As we get older, we realize that activities like parkour or swinging kettlebells are probably not things we’re going to be able to do for very long because of the intense demands these activities place on our bodies. So we learn what we like and what we can do with a certain level of challenge and safety in mind. So should we start the kiddos off with bocce? To quote an old ’80s sitcom immigrant, Balki Bartokomous, “Of course not, don’t be ridicuous!” Continue reading “Gymnastics…For Life?”

There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child

Remember taking the cushions off the couch and adding them to the pile of blankets and towels on the floor so you’d have a nice soft landing spot when you vaulted over the back of the sofa like a real elite athlete? For some of us, that was decades ago, and for others, maybe more like last Friday night, but the point is that most kids need an outlet for tremendous amounts of energy, and at some point, it usually involves tumbling routines in the living room. Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child”

Low Impact Exercise to Protect the Joints

Why is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) so popular? It’s incredibly difficult, hard on your body and has a higher risk of injury than many other workouts – so why is it on the menu at every gym in the country? Easy: it doesn’t have to take an hour to get results. But are the risks worth it? Couldn’t there be another way??? Continue reading “Low Impact Exercise to Protect the Joints”

The Best Father’s Day Gift

Any new dad will tell you there is absolutely no time for the gym. None. Between the job, making sure the new mom isn’t going insane, and learning the ropes of parenthood, the gym becomes one of those things young, free-spirited, totally self-absorbed people do. And man, do you wish you were one of them. Continue reading “The Best Father’s Day Gift”

Best Flooring for Trade Shows

Presentation is everything. You could have a top-of-the-line product, but if you can’t make it look like the one thing your customer’s can’t live without, it’s worth about as much as the dirt beneath your feet. If you’re honest, what’s beneath your feet at a trade show can actually boost the appeal of your product. How? So glad you asked. Continue reading “Best Flooring for Trade Shows”