Are Our Martial Arts Floor Mats Right for You?

Sometimes when you really get into a new workout or sport, you want to spend lots of time doing it, maybe even at home. For the person practicing Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, or other martial arts, setting up a home studio or practice area can present a special challenge. Safety is of utmost importance, and since you’re going to take a few spills and stress your joints in the workout, you need a supportive yet cushioning floor. The problem is that you can’t find good martial arts floor mats in brick-and-mortar stores.  Continue reading “Are Our Martial Arts Floor Mats Right for You?”

Artistic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games

Day Five of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland saw strength, grace, solid execution, and even some royals. The artistic gymnastics competition had just begun when an inconspicuous threesome entered the stands. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined the ranks of gymnastics enthusiasts to cheer on the competitors in the twentieth Commonwealth Games.  Continue reading “Artistic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games”

Play Spaces In Kids’ Bedrooms

The house I grew up in had an awesome playroom in the basement. Orange and yellow shelves and cabinets lined an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling pegboard opposite. A child-sized door cut out of the plywood wall that separated the playroom from the laundry room made it easy to get to mom when I needed to (and was just cool).  Continue reading “Play Spaces In Kids’ Bedrooms”

Superior Martial Arts Flooring Tiles

As we see it, the best flooring for martial arts should have seven important characteristics: prevent injury, cushion a fall, last a lifetime, be versatile, easy to clean, and affordable, and look seriously professional. We Sell Mats’ martial arts foam mats have all these qualities and more. And we can prove it!

Continue reading “Superior Martial Arts Flooring Tiles”

Commercial Flooring Options

Safety, safety, safety. If you run a gym or a martial arts studio, you know the mantra. You have to provide a top-quality service with the best equipment in a professional environment. And that environment must communicate safety to your clients or they’ll look somewhere else. We Sell Mats speaks the safety language and we have two highly functional flooring choices to help you make your facility attractive, clean, and safe. Continue reading “Commercial Flooring Options”

Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

If you’re a parent or a childcare provider, either in your home or a facility, you understand the importance of the surface your kids play and grow on. You know what’s easy to care for, what’s safe, and what’s comfortable and supportive for little feet. Interlocking foam floor mats address these concerns in spades and will even outlast whatever your little ones can throw at them (or spill on them…). Continue reading “Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares”