Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to make a product or service more attractive. And part of what makes customers choose to buy something is the experience they have in doing so. Displays, lighting, atmosphere, and customer service all play important roles in selling a product, but did you ever stop to consider that the flooring you and your customers are walking on might have something to do with it, too? Continue reading “Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business”

Staying Fit While Traveling

It takes some serious commitment to develop and stick with a fitness routine. Habits, so they say, take at least 30 days to form. Once you’ve done that initial hard work to establish a good routine, it’s imperative that you keep it up on a regular basis. Unfortunately, today’s careers often involve copious amounts of traveling, and while that can be a pleasant diversion now and then, any regularity in travel can mean an end to your hard-earned workout routine. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Continue reading “Staying Fit While Traveling”

Tumbling and Gymnastics

Tumbling vs. Gymnastics. You’ll see classes for kids offered in both, so what’s the difference? In a nutshell, tumbling falls under the larger umbrella of gymnastics, though it has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of gymnastics. Tumbling involves acrobatic moves like flips, jumps, handsprings, and rolls linked together in a choreographed routine. Gymnastics, on the whole, would include tumbling, but also other disciplines that include all the gymnastic apparatus. So which is best for introducing your child to the sport? Continue reading “Tumbling and Gymnastics”

Play Spaces that Grow

Ok, they don’t actually grow in the biological sense, but play spaces can actually be transformed as your kids grow and their needs change. Unlike their toys and clothes that must be replaced entirely as they grow up, kids’ play areas are unique in that they can be redesigned and rearranged using the same space. One way to do this is (obviously!) using floor mats. Continue reading “Play Spaces that Grow”

Fitness Fights Cancer!

We’ve heard the mantra so many times it has in many cases become meaningless: exercise is good for your health. Yeah, we know that, but how many of us spend waaaaay too much time in front of a computer or traveling for work or camped out with a good book? But the truth of the matter is that physical activity is *proven* to reduce risk of cancer, among other things, especially in women. Continue reading “Fitness Fights Cancer!”

Daughters, College, and Self-Defense

A faithful We Sell Mats blog reader is getting ready to send her daughter off to college in a year. While the family is excited for her upcoming opportunities, there is some trepidation regarding safety, as always, when it comes to the idea of a young woman on a college campus. Mom and Dad want their little girl to be prepared for everything, so while they’re touring college campuses, they’re also checking out martial arts facilities where they can be sure their all-too-grown-up little girl can safely train in the art of self-defense.  Continue reading “Daughters, College, and Self-Defense”

Take a Tumble…on the Best Gymnastics Mats

When you work hard, you should be able to expect your gear to work as hard as you do – that’s why we sell only the best gymnastics mats around. We know you won’t settle for inferior equipment or an inferior shopping experience, so we don’t settle either. We have an extensive inventory of mats for all gymnastics purposes under the sun, from crash pads, to tumbling mats, to octogons, and more. We’re also proud to carry Nastia Liukin’s signature line of gymnastics equipment – with the seal of approval of one of the greatest gymnasts in Olympic history, this is gear you can rely on. When you need the absolute best, and you need to avoid breaking the bank, we’re here to help. Continue reading “Take a Tumble…on the Best Gymnastics Mats”