Mats in the Classroom

Recently, a young first-time mother said she had just been named “room mother” – for her five month-old’s daycare classroom. If memory serves, room mothers did things like help decorate for parties, bring candy corn for the Thanksgiving celebration, and organize the Secret Santas. What in the world could a room mother for a 5 month-old possibly do?? Continue reading “Mats in the Classroom”

Mats That Take a Beating

We like to think our customers have a good eye for quality in flooring, but what if EVA foam (our favorite) won’t cut it for the applications you need? Fear not, we carry heavy duty PVC flooring that has all the characteristics of EVA that we love, but is built to be crazy-sturdy for occasions where your floors need to take more of a beating. Continue reading “Mats That Take a Beating”

Mats for Gymnastics Success

There are two essential keys to success in gymnastics: first, you have to have good gymnastics mats and other gear, and second, you have to have a deep appreciation for puns. If you’re missing either of those, things could get… gymnasty. Seriously though, gymnastics mats are the one thing between you and the hard floor when you’re doing what you do, and you need to be able to rely on them to protect you and to serve their intended function. Football players won’t settle for helmets and protective gear made from sub-par materials, and motorcyclists and professional cyclists will be the first to tell you that a quality helmet can save your life. This is no different – sells only the most durable and effective mats available because we simply don’t believe you should have to pay extra for a product that’s going to totally fulfill your expectations. Continue reading “Mats for Gymnastics Success”

Martial Arts Flooring That’s a Snap

Whether you’re interested in carving out a space in your home for a good martial arts workout or about to invest in flooring for a whole studio, We Sell Mats has you covered, so to speak. Our martial arts mats are easy to install and transport, a cinch to clean, and provide the perfect balance of support and cushioning. Continue reading “Martial Arts Flooring That’s a Snap”

Exercise Mats for Your Home Gym

If We Sell Mats had an FAQ page, it would look pretty ridiculous. For just about every question that could be asked, the answer would most likely be, “Call us!” Seriously, whenever we get a call or email about mats, it’s usually about mats used for exercise in home gyms. And home gyms are so unique and diverse that it would be impossible to give general answers regarding flooring options.  Continue reading “Exercise Mats for Your Home Gym”

Martial Arts Flooring for Beginner and Expert Alike

It might not seem like much of a consideration, but the right (or wrong) martial arts floor covering can have a huge impact on the success of your training. Our EVA foam mats provide superior grip and support, cushioning landings and falls, and yet are the most versatile martial arts mats you will find available online or in stores.  Continue reading “Martial Arts Flooring for Beginner and Expert Alike”