Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting

As a daycare provider in your own home, you know how important it is to offer parents exactly what they’re looking for: a safe, nurturing environment for their children. You have to be the parent-away-from-home, and provide a home-away-from-home that any parent would be happy to have their child raised in. One of the key components to success in this venture is to offer an environment that is appealing not only to parents, but to kids as well.  Continue reading “Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting”

The Best Heavy Duty Flooring Solution

It doesn’t take long for the daily goings-on in a gym or industrial environment to turn a floor into mulch, so you’ve taken the right first step in looking for a heavy-duty solution to a heavy-duty problem. You know you need something between your feet and the building’s pre-installed flooring, but the question remains: what should that be? Continue reading “The Best Heavy Duty Flooring Solution”

Gymnastics at Home

Kids never got the memo: the couch is not a vault. The sofa cushions are not crash pads and I don’t care how well you “stuck” that dismount from your bed. No hanging from the towel bars. And if you move the furniture one more time to practice your routine, I’m going to join the circus where it will be less chaotic. But here’s the thing: kids are instinctual creatures, and it is in their nature to be active. So what’s a good parent to do? Continue reading “Gymnastics at Home”

Protect the Kids, Protect the House

We’re all about safety at WeSellMats. The very nature of our shock-absorbing EVA foam mats means they make activities that much safer. (Cue super-hero music) Whether you’re working out at home or the gym, practicing self-defense or karate, working in the garage, providing daycare, or just watching your kids play and grow, our mats provide protective surfaces on which to do all these things safely.  Continue reading “Protect the Kids, Protect the House”

Be There – Or Your Competition Will

Have you ever done a trade show – you know, those big expos at the civic center or university auditorium where you set up your little folding table, your product display, maybe a banner, and then hope like heck some people stop and ask you about your product? Might seem like a lot of work for a questionable return, but the fact is, if you don’t show up, your competition who does show up will make the contacts and get the business.  We’re here to increase your odds. Though you might think WeSellMats is in the business of selling mats (oh…um – yeah, we are, but…), we’re also in the business of helping you improve your business! Continue reading “Be There – Or Your Competition Will”

Cold Weather Fitness

It’s getting colder! It’s not as bright outside when you get home in the evenings, and by the time dinner is over, it’s almost completely dark. Makes you want to stay under the blankets a little longer, maybe curl up with something hot to drink and willing devolve into a couch potato until spring. If the sight of the lower temperatures has you thinking of postponing exercise for a few months, don’t worry. We have some ideas to keep you active and actually look forward it! Continue reading “Cold Weather Fitness”

Tatami Martial Arts Mats

If you’ve decided to outfit your home gym with some space and equipment for a martial arts workout, or if you’re looking to start or improve your own MMA gym, you’re going to need to pay special attention to your flooring system. And yes, it’s a whole system, not just a floor. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats provide everything you need: grip, shock-absorption, support, and so much more.

Continue reading “Tatami Martial Arts Mats”