Top-of-the-Line Gymnastics Equipment

Gymnast doing a flip.

With Thanksgiving just behind us (and in all likelihood, mountains of food still settling in our stomachs, and leftovers calling our names from the fridge…) gymnastics might not be the first thing on our to-do list, at least not yet, but you can still do a little shopping for the mats you’ll need when you’re ready to get to it! We ship pretty quickly, too – you’ll probably still have turkey in the fridge when they arrive. So go on, have a look at the mats. There are a lot of them, so we’ll give you some ideas to digest alongside the stuffing. Continue reading “Top-of-the-Line Gymnastics Equipment”

EVA Foam in the Play Room

Wood Grain mats in customer day care play room.

Few things can make the time spent in the play area anything but the highlight of the little ones’ day, but losing a battle with gravity can do it. A non-carpeted play area can mean extra tears, but we’ve got a solution that doesn’t involve reflooring: EVA foam! Seriously, this is like the duct tape of flooring materials, you can use it for everything. It’ll make a fall a little easier to take for the kids, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to install and remove. And that’s just the start – if you’ve followed us for a while, you likely know how much we love EVA foam, but if not, let’s cover some of its other finer qualities… Continue reading “EVA Foam in the Play Room”

Holiday Fitness Ideas

It’s no myth that we gain weight over the holidays. The good news is, it’s usually only a pound or two for the average person. The bad news is, we have a tendency to hang onto that pound or two until the next holiday season. After about 10 holiday seasons, your adult body is going to be noticeably different with that kind of accumulated gain. What can you do? Continue reading “Holiday Fitness Ideas”

Martial Arts and Special Needs Kids

With awareness on the rise regarding special needs kids, it should come as no surprise that many martial arts facilities and pediatric therapy centers are offering classes in the martial arts to children who would not fit in with a typical martial arts class. Why? Because we’re learning how much martial arts can contribute to the healthy development of kids with conditions like autism, sensory processing disorders, and even cerebral palsy.  Continue reading “Martial Arts and Special Needs Kids”

Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids

woman playing with baby

Stay with us on this – it actually does make sense. How many times have you heard, “Will you play with me???” And of course it’s right at the moment when it feels like if you do anything but blink and breathe you’re going to collapse. But kids aren’t aware of adult needs the way adults are aware of theirs. Fortunately, We Sell Mats has your back. And your backside. Continue reading “Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids”

How Young is Too Young?

Remember the controversy surrounding the gymnastics competition in the Beijing? The age of some of the gymnasts was contested, alleging that they were too young to be competing. The International Gymnastics Federation raised the minimum age for international competition from 15 to 16 in 1997 citing increasing risks of injury to athletes as routines become more difficult and judging becomes more demanding. Some claim the minimum age requirement should be abolished altogether. Continue reading “How Young is Too Young?”

Shopping a Trade Show

In her article “Walking a Trade Show – Thirty Helpful Planning Tips” ( Susan Friedmann instructs attendees of trade shows in all the ways you might expect: plan your visit; map the facility out so you know where you want to go; have a list of exhibitors handy and mark those who are priorities; have plenty of business cards available. But number 10 on her list is the one that caught our eye: wear comfortable shoes because walking around trade shows places stress on the feet and other joints, making you feel fatigued all over.  Continue reading “Shopping a Trade Show”