Martial Arts and Culture

When karate practitioners on the island of Okinawa began to instruct American forces stationed there after the War, they had no idea the movement they would be creating. One such karate master believed that if the Americans could begin to appreciate karate, they would come to appreciate the Okinawan culture and history – perhaps to become friends. Today, martial arts continues to welcome students into many east Asian cultures. Continue reading “Martial Arts and Culture”

Kicking the Room Up a Notch

You’d like to do something to make the living or family room look a little nicer. Maybe some new furniture, a paint job, the floors. Hmm. The floors. Now that would really change the look, wouldn’t it? What do you think – hardwood? A plush carpeting? Ceramic tile? If you’re considering a small, say 12×12 space, it could cost you upwards of $1000 to do any of these options. But for a mere $165, you could install your own wood grain foam mat flooring system and be enjoying the comfort and warmth of faux wood grain flooring in a matter of a few hours.  Continue reading “Kicking the Room Up a Notch”

Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???

Just before school started at the end of this summer, you couldn’t drive 2 blocks without seeing signs for recreation department sports teams: soccer, football, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, and dozens of other activities. And this is all in addition to whatever the schools would be offering. It’s great that our kids are being encouraged to take an early interest in active lifestyles, but as a parent, how do you decide which sport is right for your kid? Continue reading “Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???”