Foam Floors? Really??

Okay, this isn’t shaving foam we’re talking about here. We’re talking flexible, supportive EVA foam. It’s a soft, durable copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate that has lots of different applications: flooring, sporting equipment, crafts, costumes, set design, and even your favorite summer-time flip-flops.  Continue reading “Foam Floors? Really??”

Tumbling Mats Tame Snow Days

It can really be a double-edged sword: the snow day. The kids are deliriously happy to get to stay home from school, and parents (who may have to stay home from work) dread the inevitable moment: “I’m bored!” Let’s face it, they can only play outside for so long, then they’re indoors and feeling confined. We Sell Mats to the snowy rescue! Continue reading “Tumbling Mats Tame Snow Days”

Better Wintertime Play Areas

One of the challenges of parenting with active kids comes in the winter months, when so much more time is spent inside. More noise, more messes, and more energy exerted within the house can be a recipe for disaster, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to contain. Though the digital era has moved many kids indoors for entertainment, the cold does that even better. But putting some EVA floor mats in the playroom can serve you in a few different ways, and there’s nobody better equipped to give you a hand with that than We Sell Mats! Continue reading “Better Wintertime Play Areas”

Trade Show Floor Mats: The Key to a Successful Show

There are few things a business owner looks forward to in their career more than standing for hours on end at a trade show. Or, at least we’re reasonably sure that’s how it works in some universe or another. In this one, however, we’ve got a solution or two to help make the trade show experience just a little less grueling. Continue reading “Trade Show Floor Mats: The Key to a Successful Show”

“Serious and Very Intense” Flooring: Heavy Duty Mats

Interestingly, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines heavy duty as either “designed to do difficult work without breaking or to withstand unusual strain”, or as “very intense or serious.” Be honest: don’t you know a person who fits that description perfectly??? Probably a bit rough around the edges, thick-skinned, wears dark colors, likes competitive sports…you know the type! Well, that personality fits our heavy duty mats to the letter – we’ll show you! Continue reading ““Serious and Very Intense” Flooring: Heavy Duty Mats”

Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea

It’s true, kids will turn any 24-inch space into their personal play area, but do you really want that space to be in the middle of the kitchen floor? Or maybe on your bed? Or the dining table? Toy sprawl is inevitable, but there is one thing you can do to keep the toys contained: designate a play area or playroom. Continue reading “Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea”