Martial Arts Training on Mats

Research has shown that the grunts and “hi-yah’s” the martial artists and athletes of the world are so familiar with cause a physical reaction in the body that allows it to exert more force (up to an additional 10%, actually). These vocalizations are a wonderful mechanism that makes us stronger when we need it most. But, of course, any effective move made in martial arts will cause that equal, opposite reaction, and if your footing isn’t good, there’s not a noise in the human vocal range that can compensate. You’ll lose power, which is one thing in the dojo, but it’s potentially hazardous to your health if your martial arts skills are ever put to the test in a self-defense situation. “But however can I improve my footing?” you ask. We’ve got a solution. Can you guess what it is? Continue reading “Martial Arts Training on Mats”

Improving Business With Wood Grain and Carpet Top Mats

You’ve made improvements to your business to increase activity – maybe changed the lighting so products look better or made a waiting area more comfortable for clients and customers. As a business owner always on the hunt for the next best thing for your business, we would remind you that in addition to your products and services, your customers’ experience in the purchasing event will have a lot to do with how your bottom line looks. Continue reading “Improving Business With Wood Grain and Carpet Top Mats”

Exercise Mats for CrossFit

woman lifting weights during crossfit workout

CrossFit has proven it’s no fad: athletes have been posting results on the CrossFit website for over six years. It definitely gets results for the die-hard trainees committed to it. One of the major criticisms of the movement is that it lends itself to injury, not unlike many other extreme sports and fitness programs. So if this is what you want to do, how do you maximize results while minimizing risk of injury? One of the best ways we know is to start with a safe, solid foundation: EVA foam mats. Continue reading “Exercise Mats for CrossFit”

Mats Are Better Than Valentine’s Day Dates

red foam mat on valentine's day table

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your hearts be as soft and tender as the mats beneath your feet! Whether the snow will have you and your sweetheart cozied up indoors, or you’re south of the weather and perhaps enjoying the outdoors, or maybe still looking for somebody to spend your weekend with, we’re here to offer you a better alternative to a date – mats! They’re even better than dates, guaranteed. Continue reading “Mats Are Better Than Valentine’s Day Dates”

The Best Floors for Gyms

I’m at the gym the other day, and I noticed the floors. Not for the first time, but I really looked closely during this particular workout. The gym has been open for less than a year, and while their efforts at cost control are laudable, even necessary in today’s economy, a gym rat with eyes for flooring comes away wondering if it wouldn’t have been wiser to invest in a more durable floor. Continue reading “The Best Floors for Gyms”

Preparing for Allergy Season – Indoors

There have been a few warm-ish days in the South this past week, and one hopes the trees don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not exactly Spring yet, which means allergy season should be several weeks off at the very least. But even if the buds aren’t popping out yet, there are things you can do to prepare your home to be a haven from outdoor and indoor allergens. Continue reading “Preparing for Allergy Season – Indoors”

Defining Play Areas

Young boy surrounded by toy cars.

At home, designating a space as the play area can be as simple as putting a toybox in a corner of the family room or encouraging play in a child’s room. But play areas are everywhere: malls, gyms, libraries, medical offices, and daycare facilities. Delineating the play space is the first step you take toward making sure kids have a safe space to play, a healthy environment for their hard job of growing up. Continue reading “Defining Play Areas”

Exercise and Disease Prevention

They’re almost becoming so common that we disregard them: studies that show how exercise can prevent and even reverse some effects of disease. So shouldn’t we be paying attention when university after university concludes that a commitment to a certain level of fitness usually leads to a longer, healthier life? Continue reading “Exercise and Disease Prevention”