The Foundation of a Solid Fitness Program

Feet preparing to exercise

Where does a good workout routine begin? It could be with your choice of venue: home or gym. It might be with your trainer (if you choose to have one) and what kind of routine he or she suggests. But really, the routine is going to begin with your feet. No matter the venue, the trainer, the routine, or your current fitness level, your feet are the front line of attack and defense when you begin a fitness program. Continue reading “The Foundation of a Solid Fitness Program”

Commercial, Industrial, Heavy-duty – One Mat Does It All

industrial warehouse

When you’ve got a heavy-duty job to do, what are you going to put under your feet while you do it? The same way you wouldn’t work on a construction site in bare feet or sandals, it doesn’t make sense to leave your floors exposed to the rigors of a commercial or industrial environment. Continue reading “Commercial, Industrial, Heavy-duty – One Mat Does It All”

Springtime is Time for Gymnastics!

child doing cartwheel outdoors

Spring is here at long last, and it’s not just the gymnastics enthusiasts doing cartwheels, believe us. But for those who are looking for some serious gymnastics gear with which to celebrate the pleasant weather (or release some pent-up frustration with the return of the pollen and allergies), we’ve got what you need. Continue reading “Springtime is Time for Gymnastics!”

Trends in Playrooms

kids playing in playroom

Take a look at what’s hot in playroom decor, and you’ll wonder who comes up with these things. Some of the “play” rooms look like they were actually designed to appeal to the inner child of an adult, not an adventurous, messy kid. Kids should be able to be themselves in their own play space. As a certain magic school bus driver would say, kids should be able to “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!” Continue reading “Trends in Playrooms”

Upping the Ante at Trade Shows

customers at trade show

Every retailer knows that trade shows are essential. You learn, you check out the competition, you make contacts, and hopefully, you gain new customers. One thing that often happens at trade shows that you don’t usually plan for is the aching back and sore feet that come with standing on a concrete floor all day long.  Continue reading “Upping the Ante at Trade Shows”

The Best Floors for Martial Arts

taekwondo training

The best solution to a problem is often the simplest. The same is true for floors, especially when you’re looking for a flooring solution for the practice of martial arts. There’s nothing simple about martial arts, but when it comes to preparing for years of practice and training, We Sell Mats believes the simplest solution for protecting your body and your floors is our high-quality, durable, and easily-installed interlocking martial arts mats. Continue reading “The Best Floors for Martial Arts”

101 Uses for Commercial PVC Floor Tiles

warehouse exam room fitness center and garage

Did that say “101?” It’s supposed to be “10.1.” You know, like a Letterman Top 10 List, only with just a little bit more. What is PVC, you ask? It’s a heavy duty, unusually resilient synthetic plastic polymer. In fact, it’s so resilient, you can park cars, tractors, warehouse shelving, or even multiple sets of barbells and weight machines on it. This is the flooring that can take it all. Continue reading “101 Uses for Commercial PVC Floor Tiles”

The Best Gymnastics Equipment You Can Buy

Tumbling mats and other equipment

If you’re considering purchasing gymnastics equipment, you’ve probably already thought about whether to buy new or used equipment. Face it, some of that equipment is pretty pricey. Used can be just as good as new, and it’s usually cheaper…right? Not if you’re buying from We Sell Mats! Continue reading “The Best Gymnastics Equipment You Can Buy”