Serious Flooring for Serious Play

Play areas in the home are one of the most popular applications of our floor mats. Children are one of the biggest hazards a floor mat might face (there’s a reason there’s a designated play area in the house…) but if you multiply the number of children and the amount of traffic through the area, like what you might find in a daycare, you know you’re going to need some intensely tough mats. Of course, we’re here to provide. Continue reading “Serious Flooring for Serious Play”

Trade Show Floors Meet Their Nemesis…Foam Mats!

You might not suspect it, but feet have many enemies – legs of tables, corners of desks, the cold, half the world is out to get your toes, but there’s only one thing that could genuinely be considered the foot’s nemesis, and that is the floor at that trade show. You know the one. Concrete, maybe some kind of synthetic hardwood, who knows. But it’s hard, and it’s willing to wage a war of attrition on your feet like none other. You’ll be standing for hours. Walking will be a relief because at least then your feet get to take turns not being on the ground. But you have a secret weapon… Continue reading “Trade Show Floors Meet Their Nemesis…Foam Mats!”

The Best Mats for Tabata-Style Workouts

Can’t get to the gym because of the weather? You could try shoveling a path to the gym – that might get you a great workout and the undying admiration and loyalty of the entire neighborhood, but it’s not what you’re looking for. A good workout at home is the answer. With many options to choose from, we encourage you to pick a thorough, challenging, but doable workout and get going. We also have the perfect mats to help you make this home workout the most efficient and comfortable it can be. Continue reading “The Best Mats for Tabata-Style Workouts”