Exercise Mats to Take the Edge Off

workout injury

You’ve heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.” While it’s not entirely true, it’s safe to say that during any routine workout, the chance exists that you will get hurt in some way. So you stretch, warm up, cool down – everything you can think of to make your workout routine one you can live with for a very long time. But there’s one other key component to a successful fitness routine: a good surface on which to exercise. Continue reading “Exercise Mats to Take the Edge Off”

Your Basic Tumbling Mat

toddler on tumbling mat

Tumbling mats are simple, basic mats that essentially provide padding between the athlete and the floor. The mats should be thick enough to prevent injury, solid enough to provide stability and balance, easily maintainable, and quickly and easily moved and stored. We Sell Mats has the best tumbling mats available at prices so affordable, you’ll be ordering as soon as you finish reading this blog! Continue reading “Your Basic Tumbling Mat”

Exactly What You Need in a Martial Arts Mat

boy practicing karate

Ask anyone – there are some deal-breakers when it comes to shopping for martial arts mats for your home or studio. 1) The mats have to be able to absorb enough shock from impact that you or or students are adequately protected. 2) The mats must be firm enough to ensure balance and stability. 3) The finish on the mats should contribute to, not detract from, your ability to attack and defend. Continue reading “Exactly What You Need in a Martial Arts Mat”

Nothing Beats Customer Testimony

Concrete floor at trade show

When someone gives you a pat on the back, well, sometimes you just have to brag a bit. And we do love doing that about our products! One of the most exhausting jobs you can be asked to do in business is to weather a trade or home show. It’s a great way to showcase your products and services, make contacts, and hopefully make some great life-long customers, but it can be super hard on your feet, back, and joints. Here’s where we get to brag: our carpet top mats will showcase your product, be attractive to the customers’ eye, and give you just enough EVA foam padding to make your joints sigh with relief. But don’t just take our word for it! Continue reading “Nothing Beats Customer Testimony”

Serious Flooring for Heavy Duty Applications

black pvc floor mat

Our interlocking heavy duty PVC tiles are the toughest and most resilient tiles we can offer. Made from 100% PVC, these tiles are the best covering for garage and warehouse floors, clinics, schools, and even community centers. Because they are resistant to just about anything you can spill, drop, or leak on them, they will keep their professional appearance for years. This is the last flooring application you might buy for a long time!! Continue reading “Serious Flooring for Heavy Duty Applications”

Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Equipment

Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment

Time to highlight some products we’re extra proud to offer! If you have a budding gymnast in your family, this is one article you’ll want to keep handy. We happen to know a young woman who has nine World Championship medals, was the 2008 Olympic individual all-around champion, is a four-time U.S. National Champion, and has her own line of gymnastics equipment that We Sell Mats is excited to promote. Who is this amazing young woman? Nastia Liukin! Continue reading “Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Equipment”

Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area

toddler playing on cobblestones

If you have little ones and want a comfortable, safe place for them to play outdoors, consider a play space lined with colorful, easy-to-clean, easily stored foam mats. Decks and patios are great places to hang outside, but when little knees are busy scurrying over them, the treated lumber or concrete can cause no end of discomfort from scraping and splinters. Foam mats are the only way to go! Continue reading “Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area”

Looking for an Exercise Mat for Your Insanity Workout?

Woman doing mountain climbers

Unfortunately, too many people think a HIIT workout can be done safely on a thin rubber mat, or any surface at all. But the truth is, HIIT workouts like Insanity require the absolute maximum your body can give. Anyone who’s done one of these workouts will tell you that they are incredibly demanding and can be very hard on your body. And if you try to do these on the wrong surface, you’re just asking for trouble. So don’t. Just don’t. There is a better way. Continue reading “Looking for an Exercise Mat for Your Insanity Workout?”

The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need

Martial arts take down

You can’t settle for second rate when you’re in the market for martial arts flooring. It could mean the difference between getting back up or making a trip to the ER. Especially in martial arts involving kicking or striking, like tae kwon do, you have to be confident in your stance. A solid foundation is your best bet for performing safely and effectively. Continue reading “The Only Martial Arts Mat You’ll Ever Need”