A Natural Fit: Kids and Gymnastics

child doing gymnastics

With Spring here, or at least hiding beneath the remaining snow, parents and caregivers can look forward to getting the kids outdoors to play in the very near future. Nothing beats a tree to climb, hoops to shoot, sidewalk chalk art, and late-night games of capture-the-flag. But having a backup plan to outdoor activities is always a good move, and we’ve got a fun, engaging solution: gymnastics! Continue reading “A Natural Fit: Kids and Gymnastics”

A Great Idea for Daycare Facilities

daycare kids' snack time

Daycare providers have a hard sell: convince parents their facility is safe, nurturing, and fun all at the same time. They basically have to demonstrate that they would be a perfect “second home.” No small feat, especially in an environment that is itself not always conducive to safety. But to help create the perfect environment, or at least the next best thing, we have one simple solution: start with the floor. It’s the foundation for everything else, and if it’s the right one, kids will be happy and safe, and parents will be secure and comfortable. Continue reading “A Great Idea for Daycare Facilities”

Trade Show and Retail Flooring

Customers at trade show

Floors don’t stand out. They’re often intentionally understated. They’re kind of like shelves, intended only to hold, support, or display something else. And that’s okay. Understated can be good. It certainly holds sway in the world of attire: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman. In Coco Chanel’s world, an understated elegance guaranteed a lasting, positive, and productive impression. We like to think of our wood grain and carpet top mats as the impeccable flooring solution for the retail and trade show worlds. Continue reading “Trade Show and Retail Flooring”