Heavy Duty Tiles and Mats

Mechanic under vehicle on mats

Ask the most renowned craftsmen and women in any industry, and they’ll tell you that there’s no substitute for the right tool for the job, and if you’re looking for heavy duty flooring that can stand up to the rigors of your commercial or industrial environment, we’ve got the right tools for that job. Continue reading “Heavy Duty Tiles and Mats”

The Best Yoga Strap

Man using yoga strap

There are plenty of reasons to reach for the yoga strap. For beginners, flexibility is a goal, not something you necessarily bring to the table. For experienced yogis, more challenging poses should be achievable, not impossible. And for athletic yoga practitioners, you want to do all you can to maximize your practice. These are just a few reasons to incorporate a strap into your yoga routine. Continue reading “The Best Yoga Strap”

Greater Stretch, Greater Space with Gaiam® Yoga Block

Woman in triangle pose

Beginners and experienced yogis alike will tell you there’s a time and a place for the yoga block. Blocks help you incrementally achieve more difficult extensions and offer a little help when you need it. They can also help correct hyperextensions that could lead to injury. Our yoga block by Gaiam® is made to support beginners, seasoned yogis, and athletes looking for serious support. Continue reading “Greater Stretch, Greater Space with Gaiam® Yoga Block”

Mats in the Great Outdoors

Campsite in need of mats

What’s worse than packing up a camping site and heading home at the end of the trip? Packing up a camping site and heading home at the end of the trip while you’re tired, sore, and lacking a decent rest because you had nothing between you and the ground but the bottom of your tent and sleeping bag. But worry not, this fate needn’t befall you! Continue reading “Mats in the Great Outdoors”