Protecting the Kids Without Hovering

Adventurous boy

We’re coming to understand that overprotecting our kids is actually counterproductive. They need to take risks, explore their environments, and make discoveries on their own without the constant intervention and guidance of adults. But as parents, it’s hard to know where the lines are between good parenting and overprotective parenting. We’ve got an idea that will make it a little easier to let the kids grow independently and still be safe. Continue reading “Protecting the Kids Without Hovering”

Retail Settings Need Mats!

Customers at grocery store

Flooring is one of those things that you want to be able to forget about in a retail or commercial situation – usually, if it’s drawing your attention, it’s because it’s doing something it isn’t supposed to be doing. Maybe it’s damaged, maybe it’s unattractive, or maybe it’s just killing your feet since you’ve been walking on it all day. Floor mats are a phenomenal solution to these kinds of issues. We’ve got plenty of options to allow you to forget about what’s beneath your toes for the day and focus on your business, whether that’s in a daycare, a warehouse, a garage, or anywhere else. Continue reading “Retail Settings Need Mats!”

A Mat for Every Body: Every Body Needs A Mat!

people engaged in fitness

It’s almost summertime!! You know, that season preceded by a round of intense workouts to get ready for the beach?! While we can’t give you the physique you’ve always dreamed of, we *can* offer you a helpful, comfortable, and affordable way to start getting your summer bod on. Continue reading “A Mat for Every Body: Every Body Needs A Mat!”

Gymnastics Equipment for the Exuberant (and upside down) Gymnast

gymnast doing back walkover

What comes in a bunch of different colors and prevents grievous injury while performing gymnastics? If you answered with any of the numerous gymnastics mats we carry, like the crash pads or tumbling mats, congratulations, you are clearly aware of what website you’re visiting! Continue reading “Gymnastics Equipment for the Exuberant (and upside down) Gymnast”

Outdoor Play Areas Defined With Mats

toddler in grass

It’s finally starting to get warmer – of course we’ll all be complaining of the excessive heat soon enough – and that means that the kids have more opportunities to play outside. Or maybe you’re the one wanting to get out, but keeping watch over a toddler outdoors isn’t your idea of becoming one with nature. What if there were a way to keep the little one safe and happy that didn’t require you to be hands-on every minute? There is!! Continue reading “Outdoor Play Areas Defined With Mats”