Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!

Girls on incline mats

The USA Gymnastics Championships are in full swing! If you have budding gymnasts, they are likely glued to the screen watching the graceful, strong, and athletic performers do almost unbelievable routines. Now is the time to take advantage of your child’s interest in gymnastics and get them on the road to a lifetime of movement and fitness!  Continue reading “Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!”

Improve Your Booth With Foam Mats

wood grain foam mat

Everyone who’s ever done a trade show knows how hard it can be to pull off an attractive, successful booth. It has to be trendy and eye-catching, but professional and informative. But if we’re honest about it, those of us staffing the booth are more interested in it being comfortable to stand on for 12 hours!  Continue reading “Improve Your Booth With Foam Mats”

An Unbeatable Combination: Martial Arts and Yoga

martial artist meditating

If the marriage of yoga and martial arts sounds odd to you, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find you weren’t alone. But increasingly, students of martial arts are finding that a regular yoga practice not only increases their strength and balance, but helps channel their point of focus more keenly. Continue reading “An Unbeatable Combination: Martial Arts and Yoga”

Gym Flooring That Takes a Beating

gym equipment on floor

One of the unfortunate costs of keeping a gym functioning is maintaining the floor. Machines, high traffic, dropped free weights and high impact movement can cause all kinds of damage. And these are the normal gym activities that do this! How can you keep patrons happy, safe, and impressed by the facilities when the deck is stacked against you? The solution is recycled rubber flooring and it’s so affordable and easy to install, you’ll be including its many wonderful qualities in your next mailer.

Continue reading “Gym Flooring That Takes a Beating”

Too Hot to Work Out?

Overheated runner

It’s about that time of year where it just gets way, WAY too hot to be working out outside as much, so you might have noticed your fitness routines sneaking inside a little more often. Or, if you’re a gym owner, you might be seeing a few more folks coming your way. Whatever the case may be, it’s likely that there’s a mat that can make your situation just a little bit easier. Continue reading “Too Hot to Work Out?”

Play Areas are for the Whole Family

Child playing with grandparent

It is becoming more and more common to see extended families living under the same roof, which makes it increasingly important to keep the kids’ play areas contained and organized. With multiple generations, uncoordinated schedules, and different physical space needs, the modern home is becoming a battleground.  Continue reading “Play Areas are for the Whole Family”

A Comfortable Trade Show Booth

Businessman rubbing sore feet

At a trade show, you’ll often find all the vendors have one thing in common besides the trade – sore feet! Convocation center floors are notoriously not fun to stand on for extended periods of time, and discomfort is liable to bleed into your ability to be your usual, cheerfully presentable self. How, then, do you keep a smile on your face all trade show long? Sitting down when you are able can help a lot. But also EVA mats. Mostly EVA mats. Yep, honest though we may be, we aren’t exactly over here.  Continue reading “A Comfortable Trade Show Booth”

Replace the Kids’ Carpet with EVA Foam Mats

Dad playing with child on floor

Doesn’t matter if it’s in a bedroom or a classroom, on a back porch or in a corner of the kitchen; the surface your kids play on has to be soft and sturdy (otherwise it’s just something else for you to worry about). It should be simple to install, easy to clean, and be able to take anything your kids can dish out.  Continue reading “Replace the Kids’ Carpet with EVA Foam Mats”