Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!

child looking at lady bug

Wish your kids had a safe place to play on the patio or deck where you didn’t have to worry about them eating the lawn or getting splinters? A tried and true solution is just a click away! EVA foam mats are soft, supportive, easily cleaned, and a piece of cake to take apart and store. They are, quite frankly, the perfect solution to every parent’s concerns about safe play spaces, indoors or out. Continue reading “Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!”

Yoga Gear for Every Need

Gaiam® Yoga Gear

Yoga can take on many forms, whether it’s a meditative, stress-relieving part of your day or a high-energy, heavy metal-fueled cardio workout (totally a real thing – we’re not making it up. If you’re not crazy about the idea of relaxing and doing cardio simultaneously, give it a try). One thing nearly every style of yoga has in common is a lot of interaction with the floor. That means an increased risk of discomfort or injury depending on whether or not you’ve got appropriate equipment, and by appropriate equipment, we totally mean our fantastic selection of yoga mats. Continue reading “Yoga Gear for Every Need”

Gymnastics Equipment: Not Another Hoop to Jump Through

If we said the phrases, “jumping through hoops” and “navigating obstacles,” you might think we’re talking about applying for a home loan, or maybe trying to get into college. Unfortunately, those phrases are too often associated with unwelcome difficulties, but one place they’re happily expected is in a gymnastics routine.

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Martial Arts Mats for Real Martial Artists

Martial arts fighters

If you went out and saw Ant-Man last weekend, you probably enjoyed it as much as we did, but it’s likely you also noticed a few parts that could have used a little improvement. Take Paul Rudd’s martial arts training sequence for example – all that roughhousing and not a single martial arts floor mat to be found. You’d think between a genius scientist, a trained thief, and an actual trained martial artist, SOMEBODY in the room might have said, “Hey, you know what would be cool? Not unnecessarily injuring our heist specialist by slamming him into a hard floor repeatedly.” Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats for Real Martial Artists”

Create an Atmosphere to Keep Them Coming Back

small business owner in front of store

Small business owners have their work cut out for them. In a culture of Big Stores and online ordering, small brick-and-mortar stores are fighting tooth and nail for their very existence. So the brave souls at the helms of these small enterprises are always on the lookout for ways to make their products and services more attractive. One of the aces up their sleeves is the art of presentation.

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Multiple Uses for Our Best Tumbling Mats

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It’s a truly great product that is so outstanding you want to use it for multiple purposes – and can! That would be our tumbling mats. Many of our customers have purchased the tumbling mats for their kids to use to do gymnastics at home, but they’ve discovered that they’re great for even more purposes.  Continue reading “Multiple Uses for Our Best Tumbling Mats”

Setting Up a Home Martial Arts Studio

Man practicing karate with bag

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make if you’re committed to setting up a martial arts practice studio in your home: Where are you going to put it? How big should it be? Are you going to need special equipment? Who’s going to be using it? Even the most mundane detail will be important when the studio is finished, so paying attention in the planning stages will result in a finished product you can be happy with for years.  Continue reading “Setting Up a Home Martial Arts Studio”

Foam Mats for Fun Playrooms

girls playing in playroom

If you peruse our Facebook page, you’ll see a lot of comments from people who’ve used our mats to cover playroom floors. This is one of the most popular uses of our mats, whether it involves the colorful 3/8” mats or the classy wood grain mats. Play areas in larger rooms get defined, and other playrooms get the wall-to-wall treatment. Whichever fits your needs, you and your kids will be thoroughly satisfied with your newly floored playroom.  Continue reading “Foam Mats for Fun Playrooms”