Martial Arts After School

kids in karate uniforms

It’s that time of year when you and the kids need to decide on after-school activities. What’s it going to be? School sports? Club activities? One of the best choices you can make for your kids is to choose after-school activities that will help them stay active and socially engaged. One of the best ways to do that? Martial arts. Continue reading “Martial Arts After School”

Where is Your Gym?

basement home gym

For many of us, the gym is now a corner of the basement or bedroom with a few exercise mats thrown down on the floor. Maybe a stationary bike or a weight bench. While group fitness classes are certainly motivators and can help with accountability, many of us find that the only way to squeeze in a workout is if we have the convenience of doing it at home. Continue reading “Where is Your Gym?”

The Best Gymnastics Mats Are At We Sell Mats!

We’re often faced with a question when people are shopping for items for a specific sport or practice, like our gymnastics mats – why should a customer shop with a general mat retailer like us instead of a dedicated gymnastics shop? It’s a good question. Continue reading “The Best Gymnastics Mats Are At We Sell Mats!”

No More Sore Feet at the Trade Show

woman massaging tired feet

Have you ever worked a booth at a trade show and NOT come home with agonizing feet? If you answered yes, it’s probably because you walked on your hands all day, and that’s just frankly not feasible for most folks. Besides, you probably had sore hands by the end of it anyhow. But fear not, we’ve come up with a revolutionary solution that doesn’t involve acrobatics. For those of you who are already familiar with us and what we do or have maybe just looked at the name of the website you’re browsing, you probably already know it – mats!  Continue reading “No More Sore Feet at the Trade Show”

Happy Feet Make for Better Business

woman's bare feet

Few things ruin an evening like sore feet, and a long day working in a retail setting is a surefire way to make that happen. The solution? has developed a new medicinal formula that cures all sorts of contact-related discomforts! Actually, it’s not medicine at all. It’s mats, which aren’t all that new, in fact. And we didn’t invent them, we just sort of sell them. After all this time though, we like to think we’re pretty knowledgeable about what makes a good mat, and we pass the benefits of that knowledge on to you through the EVA mats that turn those sore feet into not-so-sore feet. Continue reading “Happy Feet Make for Better Business”

The Most Yoga Mat Options for Your Life

Woman standing on purple yoga mat

Yoga mats – most popular mat in the world? Probably not. Most commonly used? Nope. Most influential over the course of history? That… is actually a possibility. Most awesome and fun mat EVER? Definitely. Most colorful and interestingly designed mat in mass production? Pretty much. Basically, these are the mats that make you cool. You can walk around with one strapped to your back and people will just assume you have life figured out. Take it to work and lean it up against your desk – you are instantly the most interesting person in the office. Sit it across from you at the restaurant and order it a coffee – heads will turn, guaranteed.

Continue reading “The Most Yoga Mat Options for Your Life”

Cool Black and Red Martial Arts Mats

Black and red martial arts mats

Just the other week, Ronda Rousey, one of the most popular martial artists in recent memory (or athletes in general, for that matter), was spotted having a sweet moment with a young fan at an open workout event in Brazil. While it’s always heartwarming to see the gentler side of athletes that could likely knock any of us into next month with a single hit, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t point out that those look like some mighty fine martial arts mats she’s standing on. If they’re good enough for her, well, who are we to argue? Continue reading “Cool Black and Red Martial Arts Mats”