Martial Arts Mats for Beginners and Pros

Doesn’t matter which martial art you’re practicing at home, if you don’t have the right mats for the job, somebody’s going to get hurt. Then there goes your lifetime of martial arts. That’s no way to practice! Choose the mats that will fit your particular practice, and without spending an arm and a leg (or breaking them), and you can spend hours at home improving performance without worrying about injury. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats for Beginners and Pros”

Floors Tailored for Fitness

Ever think about why shoes made for different kinds of fitness activities feel totally different from dress shoes? It’s because sore feet are the worst, and doing exercise without proper support under your feet can drastically exacerbate the problem. It can even impact the shape of the foot in the long term. So why on earth would we assume flooring isn’t a part of that? Most floors just aren’t conducive to good exercise on their own in the same way that you don’t just wear any old shoes when you run a marathon, lift in a strongman competition, or play a sport. So when you set up a space to work out, don’t forget your floor mats. Continue reading “Floors Tailored for Fitness”

A Bigger Bang for Your Trade Show Buck

Your job at the trade show is to make contacts, sell your product, and make a name for yourself in the industry. But – and it’s a big but – you have to do it on a budget. Small businesses have much to gain from trade shows, but it can cost big bucks to put together a trade show package that really sells. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to break the bank. We Sell Mats is here to update your booth without draining your resources! Continue reading “A Bigger Bang for Your Trade Show Buck”

Nastia Liukin Gymnastics for Kids

If there’s a little gymnast in your life, you’re either thrilled to death or wondering how in the world to keep up…maybe both! We have some solutions that will engage, entertain, protect, and encourage your budding athlete without draining your bank account. The answer is in our Nastia Liukin line of gymnastics equipment. Continue reading “Nastia Liukin Gymnastics for Kids”

Protect Yourself During Training

Training in any martial art can be really good for your health, but it also presents some dangers, not the least of which are hard falls. Taking steps to keep yourself safe while you train will not only limit the medical bills, but it will help ensure that you have years to enjoy your training and your art. Thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats are the first step toward making sure your martial arts training is the safest it can be. Continue reading “Protect Yourself During Training”

Trade Show and Tell

Do trade show customers talk about the floors at trade shows? They do if the floor they were standing on was striking in appearance, soft and comfortable to stand on, and made them feel good about the product or service they were looking at. That’s why having some top-of-the-line EVA foam mats under your trade show booth can be a huge boon to your experience at the next trade show! Continue reading “Trade Show and Tell”