Back to Basics: The Tumbling Mat

There’s nothing like a good, sturdy tumbling mat to make playtime and after-school free time a little safer and more enjoyable. For kids who just need padded space to tumble, wrestle, and do that weird thing the great-grandparents called “horse play,” tumbling mats are the solution. For young gymnasts who want to be able to practice their skills after coaching is done, tumbling mats can help extend the lesson at home by providing an appropriately cushioned surface for all kinds of routines. Continue reading “Back to Basics: The Tumbling Mat”

EVA vs Concrete in Daycare Facilities

daycare kids on floor

Have you listened to the floor of your daycare facility lately? Chances are, it’s moaning softly or wincing each time a toy or piece of furniture gets dropped on it. These floors see some of the toughest indoor action there is: a day in the life of a toddler. And not just one toddler, but tons of them. That’s a lot of action. Unless you want your flooring to give up the ghost prematurely, you’d better take some steps to protect it! Continue reading “EVA vs Concrete in Daycare Facilities”