Supergirl’s Other Secret – EVA Foam Mats!

If you’re any kind of a super hero fan, you caught the Warner Bros. pilot last night of Supergirl. Super heroes on the screen have made a comeback, and Supergirl is the best and brightest female superhero to take to television since Lynda Carter lassoed us all with Wonder Woman waaaaay back in 1975. And just like these superheroes, We Sell Mats has a secret identity! Continue reading “Supergirl’s Other Secret – EVA Foam Mats!”

Only the Best Gymnastics Equipment for Your Young Athlete

Doesn’t matter if your kid is a beginning gymnast or an elite athlete, there’s no reason to go cheap on tumbling mats. When safety is concerned, only the best will suffice. That’s why We Sell Mats sells only the best gymnastics equipment around. Our extensive and well-reviewed selection of tumbling mats, crash pads, skill shapes and more is all you’ll need to choose exactly the right gymnastics equipment for your budding gymnast. Continue reading “Only the Best Gymnastics Equipment for Your Young Athlete”

Your Perfect Yoga Mat

It’s kind of nice to have a wide variety when you go to choose a product, and when it comes to yoga mats, a large selection is not only nice, but necessary. Every yoga practice is as different as the people practicing it, so the yoga mat of choice should be as customized as possible. We Sell Mats has chosen to offer a deep selection of Gaiam® yoga mats because we believe you will find exactly what you need in this outstanding line of top-quality yoga mats. Continue reading “Your Perfect Yoga Mat”

Martial Arts Practice at Home

Setting up a martial arts practice space in your home is a great way to improve your skills. Nothing beats a highly trained instructor, but once you’ve gone to class, where do you go for more practice? If you have some space in the garage or basement, it can be very easy to install a martial arts practice area for a fraction of what you might think. Continue reading “Martial Arts Practice at Home”

Functional Fitness at Home

There’s truth in the current thinking that performing movements that simulate daily activities can help prevent injury, and the easiest way we know to do this is with a good home workout complete with weights and of course, a high-quality set of floor mats. Whether you load trucks for a living or sit at a computer to bring home the bacon, some good exercises can help you prevent injury on the job and when you’re doing those recreational activities you really look forward to. Continue reading “Functional Fitness at Home”

A Trade Show Flooring Review

If you’ve ever staffed a trade show for your business, you know it can be exhausting. The planning alone can be an overwhelming task, and fielding the curve balls pitched to you at the event itself can have you swinging wildly if you’re not prepared. If your booth is designed atop attractive, supportive, and comfortable flooring, well, that’s one less thing you have to worry about! Continue reading “A Trade Show Flooring Review”