Keep the Martial Arts Practice Going Long and Strong

Sure there are sports where having EVA foam mats wouldn’t do much to prevent injury: skydiving, motocross, synchronized swimming, to name a few. But for just about every other sport, including martial arts, mats go a long way to protecting you from a long recovery period and hours in physical rehab. Continue reading “Keep the Martial Arts Practice Going Long and Strong”

Be the Hero of Your Fitness Routine

As the holidays approach, the last thing on your mind is keeping up with your workout plans. You’re thinking about parties, presents, and frankly, pounds. The best way to keep the Festive Five from clinging to your middle this year is to take charge of your workout before the demands of the holiday season take charge of you. Continue reading “Be the Hero of Your Fitness Routine”

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

At the next trade show, ask customers to step into your booth. It’s not exactly a phone booth that will transform them into a Man of Steel, but it’s a booth that could help them become the superhero their small business needs. You have what they need to take their business to the next level and all they require is an introduction. Continue reading “Not All Superheroes Wear Capes”

Gymnastics Equipment: Used or New?

We Sell Mats is your go-to source for brand new gymnastics equipment at ridiculously affordable prices. When price is the determining factor in purchasing, a used product is usually the way to go. Not true with gymnastics equipment, though! Our prices for new tumbling mats, incline mats, and skill shapes often match or beat the price of used gymnastics equipment. No need to settle for used when you can get high-quality, brand new equipment for the same price! Continue reading “Gymnastics Equipment: Used or New?”

Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors

Providing a home away from home for dozens of children is an unbelievable undertaking, and our hat is off to daycare providers everywhere. Building a safe, nurturing, fun, and affordable facility for kids to learn and grow in is a monumental task. Parents have to be satisfied the facility is good enough, kids have to thrive in it, and you as the provider still need to make a buck. We respect your career path and we’re here to help! Continue reading “Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors”

Martial Arts Practice at Home: A Great Choice

Setting up a martial arts studio at home is a great move. But it means you have some choices to make. You’ll have to determine how much space you can afford to give to the practice area, what kind of special equipment, if any, you’ll need to get, etc. The easiest choice you’ll make, however, is what kind of flooring to put down. Continue reading “Martial Arts Practice at Home: A Great Choice”

Home Gyms Keep the Holiday Pounds at Bay!

Got a pre-holidays fitness routine? Having access to a good workout space in your own home can be just the ticket to avoid the pounds the average person gains from the end of November into January. Why not give yourself a little pre-holiday gift and put in that home gym you’ve always wanted? Continue reading “Home Gyms Keep the Holiday Pounds at Bay!”