Foam Mats for Business Applications

One of our customers recently reviewed our mats: “I put them in our locker room and the guys love them.” One customer uses them in an airplane hangar for cadets to work out on during rainy days. The business applications of our mats are just about endless. How do you imagine improving your business with EVA foam flooring? Continue reading “Foam Mats for Business Applications”

Tumbling Mats for Cold Days

As cold weather sets in over most of the country, kids are going to need something fun to do indoors and nothing beats some good ol’ rough-housing on our very best-selling tumbling mats. When you can’t bundle them up and send them outside to play, the next-best solution is to keep them active indoors. And that can be hard to do, especially if space is limited. Continue reading “Tumbling Mats for Cold Days”

Gaiam® Yoga Mats – Only the Best Will Do for You

No matter which all-purpose big box store you wander through, you’ll find yoga mats. Why not grab one? They’re cheap and they’ll do the trick, right? Wrong. When you’re in the market for a yoga mat, you don’t want to go cheap precisely for the reason that cheap won’t do the trick. You need a mat you can count on, that will last for years, and that will help keep you going in your new yoga practice. That’s why you need a yoga mat from We Sell Mats.  Continue reading “Gaiam® Yoga Mats – Only the Best Will Do for You”

Judo, Karate, Even BJJ – At Home!

Martial arts mats aren’t just for the gym. If you’ve ever tried to do a workout on the carpet in your bedroom, you know what a martial arts rug burn is like. And you never want another. Instead of limiting your practice to the gym or studio, grab a set of our martial arts mats and create your very own martial arts studio at home! Continue reading “Judo, Karate, Even BJJ – At Home!”

The Most Durable Gym Floor

As the operator of a fitness center or gym, you’ve got costs coming out your ears, so the last thing you want to worry about is a crumbling or damaged gym floor. Weight machines, lots of foot traffic, dropped free weights – they can really take a toll on a floor. Add spilled energy drinks and protein bar crumbs and you’ve got yourself one hot mess. But with our recycled rubber flooring, you can easily afford and install your own gym-rat-proof floor without taking a chunk out of your operating budget or business hours. Continue reading “The Most Durable Gym Floor”

Personalize Your Booth

What’s going to make your trade show booth stand out at the next exhibition? Let’s face it, if you don’t stand out, you may as well save your resources and stay home. But trade shows are a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business, so let We Sell Mats help you build the best booth yet with some top-of-the-line flooring solutions and a few trade show tips! Continue reading “Personalize Your Booth”

More Than Just Tumbling Mats

Many customers come to our website looking for tumbling mats for their kids or grandkids, but what even more folks don’t know is that we have so much more gymnastics equipment than just the mats! So go ahead and grab your tumbling mats, and then take a look at the other essential stuff you’ll wonder how you ever got along without! Continue reading “More Than Just Tumbling Mats”

Daycare Floor Solutions

Wiping noses, changing diapers, meeting code requirements, keeping parents happy. Daycare providers have the toughest job in the world. For real. You have to keep the kids happy, entertained, and educated, you have to convince Mom and Dad that you are a nurturing, safe environment, and you have to meet all the codes and tests required by the government on a regular basis. And that’s just your day job.  Continue reading “Daycare Floor Solutions”

Yoga Mats Make Perfect Gifts!

Few gifts rank up there with a new yoga mat. It’s just right in so many ways. It supports a healthful lifestyle, facilitates harmony and well-being, and lasts long after most gifts have hit the storage closet or garbage (like that set of Santa glasses from your mother-in-law). Let us help you find the perfect mat to make gift-giving easy! Continue reading “Yoga Mats Make Perfect Gifts!”