2016: The Year of the Yogi?

If your New Year’s Resolution had anything to do with fitness, you’re going to need a brand new, top-of-the-line yoga mat. And we have the most carefully curated selection of Gaiam® yoga mats available. Here – let us show you around.

When you’re ready to choose a yoga mat, one important consideration to keep in mind is the thickness of the mat you’ll want. Our 3mm printed yoga mats provide maximum stability for balancing postures like Tree Pose or Peaceful Warrior. These mats offer just enough padding to separate you from the floor and give you adequate grip, whether for hands or feet. If you’re looking for a little more padding for seated postures or meditative work, take a look at our 5mm yoga mat. This will offer slightly less support during standing postures, but will make seated postures and meditating quite a bit more feasible and will enable you to be more comfortable throughout your entire session.

Yoga mats come in different textures, or surface tacks. This basically means the mat is just sticky enough to the touch to enable you to maintain a safe, comfortable grip. Most of our 3mm mats are equipped with a light tack surface. This is generally enough to keep you in place during a standard yoga class. If you are a yogi who sweats a lot during practice, or one who enjoys a good hot yoga class periodically, a high tack surface will suit you better. Our Athletic and Sol Dry-Grip mats are better choices in these situations.

We’ve never met a yogi who didn’t like to express himself with his yoga mat, so we have worked diligently to make sure you can find a design and color that will make you feel good about your practice. The designs we offer on our website are some of the most popular (with good reason) and are rarely available in stores. Our shipping is free, so you don’t have to shop the Web for the best price – we’ve got it!

For the environmentally conscious practitioner, Gaiam® offers mats constructed with a latex-free PVC composition. They are also free of the most harmful phthalates found in many cheaper mats. We are very aware of your desire to be healthy and safe, so the construction of your yoga mat should be never be a concern. With Gaiam® yoga mats, you can practice comfortably and securely.

A fit, healthier you is certainly possible in 2016, and we’re here to help you achieve that goal.