Make Your Store Better with EVA Foam Mats

You know that feeling after a long day working sales in retail where you finally sit down and take your shoes off and you’re… actually totally comfortable and not utterly exhausted and your feet aren’t even remotely sore? We do. You don’t? That’s because your floors aren’t covered with foam mats. Very simple problem, very common, but fantastically easy to correct, and it just happens to be that you’re looking at the website of the #1 floor mat sales site on the internets. Read on and learn a little bit about the different kinds of mats you can use to soothe your disquieted sole. Ehem. Soles. Continue reading “Make Your Store Better with EVA Foam Mats”

Saved by Tumbling Mats!

Keeping up with a child whose energy seems to appear out of thin air is a full-time job. And an exhausting one. Where do they get that energy?! What if you had a safe, fun, bouncy place for them to use daily, you know, once you just couldn’t take it anymore? What if a huge package arrived in the mail, just for them, and they unwrapped their very own tumbling mats? You’d be the coolest parent ever! Continue reading “Saved by Tumbling Mats!”

Basement Flooring Solutions

Water damage in basements is a costly, messy and inconvenient job to deal with. While we can’t stop Mother Nature from intruding into your home, we can offer a flooring solution that will be easier to maintain, look great and cost a lot less than replacing damaged carpeting. With EVA foam tiles, you can have an aesthetically pleasing floor that can get wet but not damaged when water seeps into your basement.

EVA foam is essentially made from the same stuff your beach flip-flops are made from. When the foam tiles get wet, all that you have to do is lift them up (since they need no adhesive to put down), let them dry, and when the sub-floor is dry again, lay the tiles back into place. Simple as that.

Warm Up the Basement with Carpet Tiles

We have several styles of mats that our customers have found work well in basements. As basements tend to be colder than the rest of the house, warming them up with carpeting might be a temptation, but you can achieve the same effect with our carpet top mats. The coziness of a carpeted texture greets your feet, but underneath is 3/8″ of EVA foam, padding your footsteps, the kids’ play areas, even a workout space.

Exude Elegance with Wood Grain Mats at Half the Cost

Our most popular mats are our Forest Floor® wood grain mats, and trust us, at first sight you won’t believe that they’re foam mats and not hardwood floors…until you step on them. With several different styles of wood grain, you can choose one that fits your current decor or change things up with a new look. The classy, elegant look of a wood grain foam floor will make your basement area a place you look forward to spending time in.

Color it Up, With Versatile Foam Mats

If the basement is used primarily for the kids’ play areas, our solid color EVA foam mats may be your best choice. They come in varying thicknesses and colors, so you can get just what fits your kids and your space. Because they all lock together like pieces of a puzzle, the covered space can grow as your kids do – just order a few more mats to reconfigure the space and make it larger.

At the end of the day, you want a comfortable, inviting living area in your basement, and you can’t have that if you’re concerned about water damage. Our EVA foam mats are a great solution: low-cost, low-maintenance, attractive, and best of all, one less thing you’ll have to be worried about.

The Only Yoga Gear You Need

If you’ve got a yoga mat, you’re well on your way to making your New Year’s resolution stick. If not, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. What you don’t need are expensive yoga studio fees, to look like a Ford Agency model in your yoga pants, or to learn Sanskrit. A good yoga mat and a couple accessories to support you are really the whole package. Continue reading “The Only Yoga Gear You Need”

What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?

What exactly are Tatami martial arts mats? Perhaps you’ve heard of tatami flooring mats as they were used in Japanese homes of long ago. But in a martial arts mat, a Tatami finish means that the mats are textured to reflect the look and feel of the long, thin strands of rice straw used originally to make the mats. Why choose a Tatami finish martial arts mat? Glad you asked. Continue reading “What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?”

The Trade Show Floor Solution

If you’re shopping for a better solution to your trade show booth flooring needs, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the fatigue and joint pain that sets in after standing for hours on cold, hard, convention center floors. We also know how important it is that your trade show booth be attractive, professional, and easily maintained. Our goal is to help you transform your booth into a comfortable, classy little piece of real estate in an exhibition hall filled with competitors and potential customers. Continue reading “The Trade Show Floor Solution”

Better Floors for Home Daycare Providers

EVA foam mats are probably the last thing on your mind as you strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment as a home daycare provider. But when it comes to keeping your own floors safe, making sure the little ones don’t hurt themselves when they fall, and cleaning up at the end of the day, a little thought in the flooring direction might save you a lot of headaches and make your home business that much better. Continue reading “Better Floors for Home Daycare Providers”

What to do with The Littles on a Cold, Cold Day

When it’s too cold to send the little guys outside to play, unfold a tumbling mat and you’ve unpacked hours of healthful fun! Nothing gets the wiggles out like a soft, supportive space to tumble, wrestle, dance, and hopefully nap! Our tumbling mats are made to last, so not only can they be used indoors in the winter months, but you can carry them outside easily for use in the beautiful spring and summer weather, too! Continue reading “What to do with The Littles on a Cold, Cold Day”