Tailored Fitness Mats

If you’ve read any of our posts in the last, uh, ever, you’ll know that we’re all about EVA mats for every purpose from fitness and home gyms to commercial flooring, but you wouldn’t be the first if you said you were in need of a more specialized fitness mat to keep your workout going no matter where you go. That’s why we carry folding mats designed specifically for fitness junkies, built to withstand the rigors of your workout. Right next to ’em on our site, you’ll find some stuff by Gaiam, who we trust with 100% of our yoga products. If you need to take a mat to a class or on the road on a semi-regular basis, these are the exercise mats you want. Continue reading “Tailored Fitness Mats”

A New Play Area Use for EVA Foam Mats

Here’s an idea: to keep the kiddos safe when they’re splashing in the kiddie pool this summer, put some EVA foam mats under and around the pool! Slips happen, and if you don’t want water fun ruined by a trip to the ER, make sure the kids have a little cushioning under and around them while they’re having a ball in the pool. Continue reading “A New Play Area Use for EVA Foam Mats”

Your Key to Martial Arts Success at Home

What’s going to be the key to making your home martial arts practice the most successful it can be? Believe it or not, it could very well be your floor. Think about it this way: you’re practicing on a carpeted living room or basement floor, you lose your grip, and down you go. Rug burns to say the least, but quite likely an abbreviated workout because of soreness and possibly injury. Practicing martial arts on the correct floor, however, will keep you safe and help you make the most of your practice time. Continue reading “Your Key to Martial Arts Success at Home”

Make Their Eyes Bug Out with a Gymnastics Kit

I was recently in a grocery store that has 3/8″ EVA foam mats behind the counter for the comfort of its employees. A little girl was shopping with her mother and mentioned her interest in gymnastics. I pointed out the mats behind the counter and said, “The people who make these mats also make gymnastics mats. Do you have one at home?” Her eyes bugged out of her head. Continue reading “Make Their Eyes Bug Out with a Gymnastics Kit”

EVA Foam for Daycare, Classroom, and Therapy

Many of our customers are daycare providers or classroom teachers, either in standard classrooms or specialized therapy centers and the thing they have in common is a love of our EVA foam mats on their floors. Your regular daycare facility or classroom is likely built over hard floors, like concrete or tiles of one kind or another. Any parent or teacher will tell you those are part of an equation that equals injury. The solution is to find a flooring system that will cushion the falls, support active play, and clean up easily. That solution is EVA foam mats. Continue reading “EVA Foam for Daycare, Classroom, and Therapy”

Take Your “A” Game to the Next Trade Show

Preparation is key to a successful trade show, and having the right foundation from which to display your product is the first thing to consider when you’re in the preparation phase. How do you get the most impact from your appearance? What are your goals for a particular exhibition? Getting people to engage at your booth is your primary objective, and with classy, elegant, and comfortable wood grain EVA foam mats as the underlayment for your booth, you’ll attract and retain those potential customers without having to speak a single word. Continue reading “Take Your “A” Game to the Next Trade Show”

Kids and Inclines

Ever notice how kids gravitate toward inclines? Whether they’re hills, accessibility ramps, or snowy hillsides, they seem to call to children. But have you ever stopped to think about why they’re so attractive? Kids often know instinctively what they need to grow and develop, and that’s why play is such a good teacher. Inclines teach balance, center of gravity, gross motor control, and judgment. They’re just a great teacher. Continue reading “Kids and Inclines”