Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mats

Have you seen our Jovian Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mat? Oh, you’ve got to see it! If you had young tumblers or gymnasts glued to the TV this past summer, this will be the gift of a lifetime for them! Red, white, and blue colors with our 4’x8′ solid core help you and your gymnast relive the 2016 summer over and over! Continue reading “Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mats”

Their Dream Playroom

If you can’t afford the $10,000 overhaul of your kids play area so it looks like a princess fairyland or sci-fi spaceship, you’re not a bad parent; you just need some foam play mats! Most of us don’t have the extra cash to create the picture-perfect playroom that requires the help of an architect, an interior designer, and maybe the historic district’s approval. You just need some soft, supportive, colorful EVA foam mats on the floor and the kids’ imaginations can take it from there. Continue reading “Their Dream Playroom”

Fitness Mats for You and Your Floors

With two very special kinds of fitness mats, you can get a comfortable workout and protect your floors from those heavy treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight benches. Our personal exercise mats come in any size you need, fold in half and have carrying handles. Our new line of floor protection, Vélotas, is thick enough to protect your floors from that heavy equipment and comes in two lengths so you can get the size that fits your equipment. Continue reading “Fitness Mats for You and Your Floors”

If You Give a Kid a Yoga Mat…

Next time your child’s school is doing a fundraiser, why don’t you suggest doing a fundraiser for yoga mats for the kids? Kids who do yoga have increased self-discipline, are more mindful, and perform better academically. How much is that worth? How about 20 bucks? If every kid in the school got to practice yoga and meditation a few days a week, you might just have to get rid of the detention room! Continue reading “If You Give a Kid a Yoga Mat…”

The Versatile Tumbling Mat

Think tumbling mats are just for gymnastics? Think again. We’ve had comments and reviews from customers about using tumbling mats for all kinds of activities, so we’d like to share a few with you. You may just realize that a tumbling mat is actually the answer to a problem you didn’t even know you had! Continue reading “The Versatile Tumbling Mat”

Where to Put the Play Area?

Finding the right space in your home for a dedicated play area for young kids can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small apartment or house. You look around and wonder where in the world can you create a safe play space for the kids while still being able to keep an eye on them. We Sell Mats has a solution that’s mobile, easy to clean, and simple to reconfigure.  Continue reading “Where to Put the Play Area?”