Have Yourself a Merry Little Trade Show Booth

Nothing says holiday spirit more than a hot little trade show booth! Yeah, that might be reaching, but when it comes to your business, you take advantage of every opportunity you’re given. And we’re giving you one. Get your trade show booth ready for a new year of exhibitions with an upgrade to an EVA foam floor! Continue reading “Have Yourself a Merry Little Trade Show Booth”

Time To Bring It In

As the weather cools down, rolling in the leaves will quickly give way to rolling around the house, and what better way to encourage that active lifestyle than with some safe, supportive tumbling mats? It might not be as fun as falling into a gigantic pile of leaves, but tumbling mats afford the opportunity to do more than you could in the crunchy, fall ground coverings.  Continue reading “Time To Bring It In”

The Calm Before the Storm

Your child’s play area will soon be filled to overflowing with new toys. Is that play area your living room? Might want to start planning ahead to designate a special space in your home as the play area. Or if you have a play room, now would be a great time to give it an upgrade to take on the wear and tear of trucks, building blocks, and the occasional somersault. You can do this all simply and inexpensively with EVA foam mats. Continue reading “The Calm Before the Storm”

A Special Holiday Kit

Tool kits, sewing kits, First-Aid kits…how about gymnastics kits? Ok, of all those kits, the First-Aid one is probably the most crucial, but who wants to unwrap a First-Aid kit as a gift?! As you think about gifts for the kids and grandkids this year, consider a kit that will make their eyes pop: a gymnastics kit.

Continue reading “A Special Holiday Kit”

Feeling Good About Your Trade Show Booth

The flooring in your trade show booth might not be the thing that leaps to mind when you consider the aesthetic appeal of your booth, but it has important ramifications. Ask yourself a simple question: do you feel positively about the appearance of your trade show booth? Most exhibitors are constantly on the lookout for ways to attract more customers and contacts at the show, and so they’re always upgrading their booths. If that describes you, then we have a foundational solution that will transform your booth and your own presentation. Continue reading “Feeling Good About Your Trade Show Booth”

Tradition and Protection

Martial arts is one of those things that’s just steeped in tradition, and not much about most of the practices changes over time. When it does though, it’s usually in the name of reducing injury without reducing results. Unless you’re training with Bruce Lee, the opponent you’re typically most likely to get hurt facing is the floor, so flooring is one of the few things that you’ll want to really look at improving as you plan your martial arts practice. Fortunately, our modern era has produced some pretty exceptional martial arts mats which mimic the texture of traditional tatami flooring while cushioning and protecting the practitioner who takes a tumble. Continue reading “Tradition and Protection”

Customize Your Fitness Mat

When you’re doing crunches or push-ups and your tailbone and wrists are begging you to stop because of the hard floor you’re working on, it’s time to get a fitness mat. We’re not talking a huge investment here, but one that could save you from joint pain, bruises, and maybe a premature end to your home workout. Continue reading “Customize Your Fitness Mat”