Taming the Toys

Play areas can become a little, shall we say, congested – after the holidays. How is yours shaping up? Can you still see the floor? Are you able to actually get the door open at all? One of the things we love doing best is helping families create lovable, comfortable living spaces, and the play room or area should be no exception. We can help you tame those toys with a few foam mats and some imagination! Continue reading “Taming the Toys”

What’s Your Fitness Motivator?

Wondering how your fitness goals will be set back before January 1st? Well, one glass of champagne contains about 95 calories. Christmas cookies? About 70 calories – and who stops with just one Christmas cookie?! The hors d’oeuvres that you’re going to pick away at on December 31st? No telling. What is all this consumption going to do to your fitness goals? Well, it isn’t going to help, let’s just say that. Continue reading “What’s Your Fitness Motivator?”

Something New

If you’re already thinking about New Year’s resolutions, may we suggest considering taking up an active hobby like martial arts? Of course training with someone qualified is a must for safe and correct form, but you can continue your practice at home, even in a small space, with some supportive and affordable martial arts mats. Continue reading “Something New”

Which Gymnastics Gift to Choose??

Who says you have to choose between a tumbling mat and a balance beam? With the affordable holiday prices at We Sell Mats and the signature of Olympic gymnast, Nastia Liukin, you can get top-of-the-line gymnastics equipment in time for the holidays and it won’t cost you a second mortgage to get a couple different pieces of equipment. Continue reading “Which Gymnastics Gift to Choose??”

Silver Dumbbells

It’s Christmas everything, so to go along with your (silver) dumbbells (hear the tune?), of course we’re going to suggest some one-horse open fitness mats to go with them (horses not included). Seriously, what better way to get ready for over-eating and drinking than to get a head start on a New Year’s fitness routine? Continue reading “Silver Dumbbells”

Martial Arts Mats Bring Out The Best You

Using martial arts mats at home is a great way to keep you fit year-round, including those times between certain holidays (cough…Thanksgiving…cough…Christmas). It can be easy to give into the rush and preparation, but the focus of a home martial arts practice, including meditation, can keep you focused on patience, self-discipline, and health. Our martial arts mats are an affordable way to set aside some space in your home for just such a practice. Continue reading “Martial Arts Mats Bring Out The Best You”