Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System

If you think ahead (and we think you do), you’ve given thought as to how to make your home appealing to a potential buyer: repairs to minor issues, additions to the house itself, and protecting attractive wood floors with things like EVA foam play mats. Yes, keeping your floors in top shape can help keep your whole house in peak selling condition. Continue reading “Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System”

More Glory, Less Guilt

Did you know that purchasing some tough, EVA floor mats for your home gym (that maybe you have yet to create) can actually save you from embarrassment? It’s true! How many times have you lamented that you haven’t been to the gym in ___ days? That little confession is always accompanied by a bit of guilt and not a little embarrassment. But you’ve got this: the solution is right in front of you! In an incredibly affordable move, you can begin to build your own home gym, starting with the floor mats that will help ensure a regular routine! Continue reading “More Glory, Less Guilt”

Boost Your Booth

We’ll concede that your trade show booth flooring might not be the first thing people notice when they approach your booth…but it should be!! Ok, maybe your product or service should be the first thing they notice, but having an attractive, color-coordinated, and soft floor beneath your entire operation will be a real hook once it’s installed. Just read some of our customer reviews from businesses people who’ve used them at trade shows. Whether you choose to color coordinate your floor with multi-purpose mats, go for the classy look with some faux wood grain mats, or keep it soft and understated with some carpet top mats, you can’t go wrong with EVA foam as your trade show booth’s floor. Continue reading “Boost Your Booth”

Nastia’s Choice for Gymnastics Equipment

Elite athlete, Nastia Liukin, has put her name to some outstanding gymnastics equipment and we’re very proud to be able to offer it to you. You frequently see athletes and celebrities endorsing products, but it’s another thing entirely to actually put their names on a product. That’s a pretty weighty move. And that’s why we’re confident you’ll love Nastia’s gymnastics equipment for your young gymnast. Continue reading “Nastia’s Choice for Gymnastics Equipment”

EVA Foam Floors for Daycare Facilities

As a daycare provider, there is no end to the improvements you can make to your facility, and we want to help you become the best daycare provider in your community by helping you choose the best play mats for your space. You have a limited budget to work with, parents to impress, inspections to pass, and on top of it all, you have to make sure the kids are happy in their environment. That’s why we suggest you begin with your “foundation” to create the best space possible. Continue reading “EVA Foam Floors for Daycare Facilities”

Family Martial Arts at Home

Have you ever given thought to putting some martial arts mats in your home so you can practice with your kids? There are lots of families taking lessons in martial arts together, for various reasons like simply spending time together, showing by example how important an active lifestyle is, and starting something together where both parent and child are beginners. That hour or so at the studio is really important time, but what if you could extend that time at home with your own martial arts studio? Continue reading “Family Martial Arts at Home”

Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you’re new to the yoga scene (yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, etc.), you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, but mostly likely you’re just feeling sore. And that could be because you’re using the wrong yoga mat. Yes, it’s possible to use a mat that isn’t best for your level of skill or your personal needs, so we have yoga mats in varying thicknesses and tacks to help you get the yoga mat that will make you more comfortable during your practice, something that’s key to making sure it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle. Continue reading “Cut Yourself Some Slack”