A Lifetime of Safety on Martial Arts Mats

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned martial artist or a kid just embarking on the path, if you don’t have quality martial arts mats to practice on, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy. You probably do martial arts for a number of reasons, one of which is to maintain an active lifestyle. How do you make sure you can continue this routine for a lifetime? You do everything you can to make sure you stay injury-free, and that means using the right equipment, like tatami finish martial arts mats.  Continue reading “A Lifetime of Safety on Martial Arts Mats”

Don’t Cheat With Cheap

When you’re shopping for batteries, you might go with the cheapest you can find, and that may work out for you, but don’t you dare do the same with a yoga mat. It’s your body and your health we’re talking about here, and that’s no place to mess around with cheap. Your objective, as with anything regarding your health, should be to find the best quality at the most affordable price. And that’s why we sell mats – yoga mats. Continue reading “Don’t Cheat With Cheap”

Tumbling Mats Can Do Anything!

Our tumbling mats fit that definition of the perfect tool: you can use them for multiple purposes. Think about it: would you rather have a screwdriver or a Swiss Army knife? You might think tumbling mats are just for the kids, but even there you’d be limiting the use of our mats. These are just about the most versatile mats we carry and we’d like to show you why. Continue reading “Tumbling Mats Can Do Anything!”

How Many Law School Students Does It Take…

Recently, a young law school student was asked about his fitness routine and how the almost bald texture of the treads on his shoes fit into his regimen. He laughed and said he figured he didn’t need fitness wristbands that could read his steps or fancy running shoes to get fit. He’s right of course, but where he was wrong is in assuming the surface he’s relying on to support him during his workout is unimportant. Shoes are just as important as the surface on which you’re working out. Would you wear shoes made out of asphalt? How about ceramic tile? Of course not, so get some shoes that are appropriate for your fitness routine, and then let’s talk surfaces. Continue reading “How Many Law School Students Does It Take…”

The Sociology of Trade Show Booth Flooring

Staffing the trade show booth can be a pretty polarizing experience—for some, it’s a fun, exciting way to market where you can let your sterling personality attract customers to your business rather than relying on media advertising where there’s no real way to establish a relationship with potential customers. For others, the trade show is a long, harrowing, overwhelming test of endurance. We’re no sociologists, but we’ve got a theory about what causes the difference between the two groups: see what kind of surface they’re standing on in their booths. Very little kills an energetic mood in the nuanced and frustrating way that sore feet do, and very little damages your ability to capitalize on a trade show like a grumpy booth dude. Continue reading “The Sociology of Trade Show Booth Flooring”

Indoor Summer Workouts with Gymnastics Equipment

We don’t know about you, but for us, the tumbling mat season really kicks off when the sweltering summer heat kicks in. The real competitive season ended in April, but how many elite athletes do you know who take time off? Practice is a year-round thing, and if you’re not inclined to do outdoor exercise in these record-setting summers, grab a few gymnastics mats and get set up in the luxury of a nice, air-conditioned environment. It’s an awesome way to stay limber and in shape in the summer (or get your kids to wear themselves out) without the need to reapply sunblock every twenty minutes. Continue reading “Indoor Summer Workouts with Gymnastics Equipment”

Play Mats Make Parenting Easier

Did you know that you can tell what kind of parent someone is by looking at their kids’ playroom floor? It’s true! If the toys are neatly put away in color-coordinated bins labeled in words and pictures, that’s one kind of parent. If you can’t even see the floor of the kids’ playroom, well, that’s another kind altogether. The great news is that regardless of your parenting style, some soft, sturdy, affordable EVA foam mats in a playroom will make your job a little easier. Continue reading “Play Mats Make Parenting Easier”

The Best Exercise Mats for Body Weight Workouts

If you’re looking for the cheapest, most effective, and sustainable exercise routine, you’re going to land on body weight routines, just as surely as you’re going to land on one of our folding exercise mats. Watching the exercise trends for the past four years as we have, we can tell you that while fad exercise videos and routines come and go, body weight exercises that have been around forever are likely here to stay, and with good reason. Continue reading “The Best Exercise Mats for Body Weight Workouts”