The Trade Show Booth Conversation

Your trade show both flooring might not be the most interesting topic of conversation, but if you consider enhancing your booth’s appearance with some EVA foam multi-purpose mats or some elegant and classy wood grain foam mats, it just might become something that has a genuinely positive impact on your business. And that’s worth a conversation. Continue reading “The Trade Show Booth Conversation”

Tumbling Mats for Childhood

Where do tumbling mats fit into your child’s active life? Everywhere. Seriously, where wouldn’t the application of a safe, supportive, and padded surface improve your child’s play? Nothing can replace a parent’s vigilant eye, but tumbling mats go the distance when it comes to providing that safe play space at home.¬† Continue reading “Tumbling Mats for Childhood”

Your Very Own Home Gym

It’s a sad truth, but a lot of folks think they can’t afford a home gym because the gym flooring, equipment, and required space would just be too much. We’ve got good news: you can put a workout space in your home in a very small amount of space (you choose the equipment), and the flooring can be durable, shock-absorbing, and affordable. Continue reading “Your Very Own Home Gym”

They’re Ribbed for a Reason

Finding purchase on a martial arts mat is critical, so our Tatami finish martial arts mats have the ribbed texture similar to the original tatami rice straw mats used by the original martial artists. The textured surface of the supportive and shock-absorbing martial arts mats plays a crucial part in keeping you safe while you practice, whether at home in your own martial arts practice area or in a studio outfitted with Jumbo martial arts mats. Continue reading “They’re Ribbed for a Reason”

Multi-purpose Mats Find Another Use!

What do knitting, cosplay, and rabbit agility courses have in common? We Sell Mats’ EVA foam multi-purpose mats, naturally! Even though many of our customers use the mats for flooring purposes, at which the mats excel, many more truly imaginative customers have found different uses for the mats that meet their more creative needs. Continue reading “Multi-purpose Mats Find Another Use!”

EVA Foam Flooring Mats for Your Business

Some of our most appreciative customers are those who have purchased our EVA foam mats for their businesses. Why so appreciative? Simple: EVA foam adds support, shock-absorption, and comfort to the business day. Whether you use them in a food prep area (standing in one spot is super tough on the joints), behind the counter, or even at the trade show, you’ll find that the level of comfort you experience will keep you energized longer, and that means better sales and a better bottom line. Continue reading “EVA Foam Flooring Mats for Your Business”

The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment

Every young gymnast has a hero or role model to look up to, so wouldn’t you be the coolest parent in the world if you surprised your kid with some Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment to use at home? It’s possible! We carry Nastia’s signature line of equipment from tumbling mats to balance beams, and even a preschool-sized training bar. Your tumbler will shriek with excitement when the package arrives; what a testament to your encouragement of their choice to participate in a truly great sport! Continue reading “The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment”

Affordable Home Gym Flooring

If your home fitness¬†routine has moved from your home workout space to helping neighbors clean up storm damage, we salute you. When you’re ready to get back to crunches and weight lifting, we’re here to make it a little easier. After all that neighborliness, you deserve it. Our EVA foam multipurpose mats are supportive, shock-absorbing, and water-resistant. And they feel just plain awesome to walk on. Continue reading “Affordable Home Gym Flooring”

Choose the Best Martial Arts Mats

What do you see when you look at the martial arts mats in the studio where you take classes? Thin, slippery, and injury-inviting mats? Probably not. If you’re at a good studio, you see amply thick, sturdy, shock-absorbing martial arts mats that stay in place. If you’re really lucky, the martial arts mats are textured to provide extra traction. Many of our martial arts mats customers owns studios and use our martial arts mats to cover their floors. Here’s why you should follow their lead. Continue reading “Choose the Best Martial Arts Mats”

Back to School? Back to the Yoga Mat!

Does “back-to-school” for the kids mean “back-to-the-yoga-mat” for Mom or Dad? With the right yoga mat, getting back into the swing of a regular yoga practice is easy. Our yoga mats come in just about as many colors, designs, and thicknesses as is possible. We’re sure you’re going to find the one that suits you and your style perfectly as you get ready to add a little more “me time” to your busy schedule. Continue reading “Back to School? Back to the Yoga Mat!”