The One Thing Your Home Gym Needs

Outfitting your home gym can be costly if you load up on machines and weights, but the one thing that will get you working out faster is a simple fitness mat. The machines and weights can be added as you choose, whether based on affordability or need, but in order to get your home workout up and running as quickly and affordably as possible, a simple padded, foldable fitness mat will provide you with immediate access to a good workout in a small amount of space. Continue reading “The One Thing Your Home Gym Needs”

Generating Business with Your Trade Show Booth

The ultimate goal of participating in a trade show is to generate income for your business, so it makes sense to use every tool in your arsenal, including the best trade show booth flooring, to make that happen. Trade shows require enormous amounts of inputs, from staff time, marketing, and booth design to giveaways and travel costs. Making these inputs produce an output worth your business’ time is a challenge, but upgrading the look and feel of your booth can be done affordably and attractively with the addition of some EVA foam mats. Continue reading “Generating Business with Your Trade Show Booth”

Your Young Gymnast’s Best Friend – Nastia Liukin

Choosing gymnastics equipment to encourage and motivate your aspiring young gymnast has never been easier, thanks to Nastia Liukin’s full line of gymnastics equipment and apparatus. To tell your little tumbler you have confidence in her abilities, providing her with Nasti’s practice balance beam or pre-school training bar will not only be a source of encouragement, but will motivate her to become just like the elite athlete. Continue reading “Your Young Gymnast’s Best Friend – Nastia Liukin”

EVA Foam Play Mats – Your Best Defense

No doubt about it, it’s a challenge to keep your kids safe while they play, but the addition of a few EVA foam play mats can take the edge off your worries, at least when they play at home. The surface on which the kids play is just as important as the toys you choose for them because regardless of what they’re doing, the inevitable mishap is always lurking. Most times, a few tears and a cuddle will take care of it, but there are those occasions when the trauma is a bit scarier. Shock-absorbing, soft, supportive play mats can be that insurance policy every parent wants when their eyes are turned for just a split second – because every parent knows, that’s all it takes. Continue reading “EVA Foam Play Mats – Your Best Defense”

Encouraging Self-Defense

Aside from teaching your kids how to avoid bullying and other trouble in the first place, providing them with a space at home to practice martial arts, complete with a padded floor of martial arts mats, is a great first step toward keeping theme safe and helping them to feel confident. And confidence is one of the best antidotes to bullying. Continue reading “Encouraging Self-Defense”

Home Gym vs The Holidays

Did you know that EVA foam multi-purpose mats are the perfect counter punch to Halloween candy? If you have kids, you know you’re going to end up eating half or more of their haul, and if you don’t have kids, you’re probably looking forward to the November sales of all that candy. But this is exactly the wrong time to be adding an extra pound or two, as the high holidays of American culture are just around the corner. And that always means calorie temptation. But consider creating a workout space at home and you’ve just come up with a convenient, comfortable way to combat that temptation or at least counter it by making exercise accessible in your own space. That’s where the EVA foam mats come into play. Continue reading “Home Gym vs The Holidays”

Premium Carpet-Top Mats Are the Best Solution

If you have a living space or even an area at work you’re considering covering in carpet, consider using our Premium Carpet-Top Mats. Why choose mats instead of professionally installed carpet? Wouldn’t it be easier in the long run to have someone else install a single roll of padding and carpet? The short answer is “no,” but let’s explore why. Continue reading “Premium Carpet-Top Mats Are the Best Solution”

Making Room for Gymnastics at Home

Think you don’t have room at home for some tumbling mats or a good balance beam for your young tumbler or gymnast to use? We’re happy to report that only minimal space is actually necessary if you use our foldable tumbling mats and balance beams. The key is that these apparatus actually fold compactly and are designed to be stored out of sight when they’re not in use (which is almost never, if we’re honest…). Continue reading “Making Room for Gymnastics at Home”

Home Gyms in Minimal Space

When you really want to work out at home, but don’t have a whole room to designate for the purpose, folding exercise mats can be the solution. They give you the padding and support you need while being compact and easy to store. And they’re easy to care for, which means you’ll have discovered a practical, affordable, and low-maintenance solution to working out in your very own home. Continue reading “Home Gyms in Minimal Space”