No Place Like Home for a Workout

When you can’t afford the time or expense of going to a gym, exercising at home on your own personal exercise mat is an excellent option. In fact, it has some advantages over the gym you might not even consider. Folding exercise mats are affordable, resilient, adaptable, and are there for you whenever the mood strikes.  Continue reading “No Place Like Home for a Workout”

Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You

Designating a martial arts practice space in your home with the installation of some Tatami finish martial arts mats is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. To get the most out of your martial arts classes at the studio, you need to practice at home, and having your own martial arts studio, no matter how big or small, is affordable, easy to install, and will help you progress much faster. Continue reading “Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You”

Giving Yoga

You’ve been thinking about holiday gifts for awhile already, so have you considered the gift of a yoga mat? You know plenty of active people on your gift-giving list who would love an opportunity (or maybe an excuse) to give yoga a try. And with the right yoga mat, you may just help launch them into a lifetime of healthful activity. A better holiday gift there never was! Continue reading “Giving Yoga”

Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business

Waiting rooms can be some of the most uncomfortable places to be, but with some Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats, you can enhance your customers’ experience from the ground up. Maybe your office area is in need of a little TLC – warm it up and keep that professional look with the same richly colored EVA foam mats. Giving the business a quick and gorgeous makeover has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Continue reading “Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business”

What’s Under the Tree?

To be the best gift-giver ever in your little elves’ eyes this season, you need look no further than our full line of gymnastics equipment. Can you imagine the looks on your young gymnast’s face when she sees a giant cube all wrapped up under the tree? What could it possibly be? Choosing gymnastics equipment as your holiday gift will bring squeals of wonder and excitement from the moment the kids start guessing what it is. Continue reading “What’s Under the Tree?”

Covering the Play Area

Toys can take over a room faster than a rumor, but when you designate the play area with soft, comfortable play mats, you get a leg up on containing the sprawl. And they don’t necessarily have to be the multi-color play mats, either, although the hues of those particular mats are fun and engaging for kids; your play mats can pop, blend, warm, or comfort, depending on the style you choose. And all the mats are soft to sit and play on, shock-absorbing to handle the occasional tumble, and easy to take care of.  Continue reading “Covering the Play Area”

A Gift for the Yogi

Giving truly meaningful holiday gifts can be a challenge, but for the yogi in your life, the gift of a Manduka Pro yoga mat is one that communicates your encouragement, support, and respect. The top-of-the-line yoga mat comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, which means it’s a gift you’ll only give once! But it’s one that will continue to give for as long as your yogi wants to practice. What a great gift! Continue reading “A Gift for the Yogi”

A Home Gym in a Snap

When you’re ready to put a home gym somewhere in your house, starting with the flooring system is the best first step you can take. Yeah, it’s fun to shop for machines and weights, but if you don’t have the right foundation to protect you as well as your floors, your home gym may see only a brief window of life. Best to start at the very beginning with the best home gym flooring options available. Continue reading “A Home Gym in a Snap”