Kids, Forms, and Belts – Oh My!

Want the safest, most affordable martial arts mats for your kids to use at home? We Sell Mats has made it easy for you. Our 1″ thick martial arts mats fit the budget, offer maximum padding and traction, are a snap to install yourself, and sized so you can purchase only as many as you need. The only thing we can’t help with is your color selection! Continue reading “Kids, Forms, and Belts – Oh My!”

Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat

Whether you’re new to the practice or have been doing yoga since the ’60s, the best yoga mat (and the last one) you’ll ever use is the Manduka Pro yoga mat. We get to make this outrageous claim because we use these mats ourselves and can attest to the fact that they meet all the needs any kind of yogi will have. Continue reading “Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat”

Fitness at Home

Putting a few EVA foam multi-purpose mats on the floor in a space at home is a great first step toward having your workout accessible any time you want it. Sure there are gyms open 24/7, but you have to pack up, get there, go home – you get the idea. Creating a designated space at home to do a good workout is a genuine act of self-care, and one you can easily afford. Continue reading “Fitness at Home”

A Superhero Holiday

If your kids are waaaaay into superheroes and fairytale princesses, the natural choice for a holiday gift is a set of their own martial arts mats. We know what you’re thinking: “Huh?!” But if you look at the homepage of our website, you’ll see that Disney and Warner Brothers studios are two of our customers! Sure you could go the traditional route of a couple of action figures and maybe a tiara or two, but everybody does that. And you’re not everybody. You want your kids to have active, healthy lifestyles, so while catering to their superhero/princess obsession, you can give them something that will help them play the part of their heroes in a safe environment. Continue reading “A Superhero Holiday”

Happy Yoga-days

There’s no place like a yoga mat for the holidays. A twist on an old carol, yes, but true nonetheless. We’re all aware of how stressful holidays can be: travel, missing family members, tensions, financial burdens, and all that food! The one place you can count on for stress relief during the holidays is your yoga mat. Don’t have one? Maybe now is the time to get yourself a gift you’ll truly use. Continue reading “Happy Yoga-days”

EVA Foam Is All Business

In a matter of minutes, you can install some EVA foam flooring mats in your business space, whether in retail areas for customers, in office space, or behind check-out counters for the benefit of those well-deserving employees. You’ll improve morale, the comfort of your customers, and even warm up the space a little, depending on the type of mats you choose. And therein lies your problem: there are so many great styles of EVA foam mats to choose from, you’ll probably spend more time deciding which to order than you will actually installing them. Not a bad problem to have! Continue reading “EVA Foam Is All Business”

Trade Show Booth Flooring for the Win

As any trade show marketing guru will tell you, it’s not about you, but (and here’s where we veer off the trodden path a bit) it could be about your trade show booth’s flooring. The truth is, it’s not even really about your product – it’s about your customers. You might have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers can’t see immediately how it’s going to make their lives better, it doesn’t matter. So let’s get them nice and comfortable so you can make your pitch. Ready? Continue reading “Trade Show Booth Flooring for the Win”