Zen Out this Holiday Season

As wonderful as the holidays can be, this time of year can also be extremely taxing. Whether you’re worried about spending too much money, exhausted by holiday crowds, or stressed out about family dynamics, it’s no wonder that according to U.S. News and World Reports. 38% of people say their stress level increases during the holiday season. Even though the holidays may bring some added stress, there are plenty of ways to stay centered while we enjoy time with our families and wrap up 2019.

Channel Your Inner Ommm

Unwind, take a breather, and take a step out of the action. To keep your sanity during the holidays, the best thing you can do is physically remove yourself from the action for a few minutes of “you-time.” If you’re looking to make the most out of your moment of peace, yoga is an easy and fulfilling way to relax and motivate yourself to power through your demanding holiday schedule.

Studies conducted by the International Journal of Yoga have found that in no time, regular yoga routines can noticeably reduce stress. Additionally, in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers found that yoga improved anxiety levels better than just taking a walk.

Holiday Deals on Yoga Essentials

This year, We Sell Mats wants to remind you to take time for yourself, even in times we devote to others and we are proud to offer products that can bring a moment of tranquility during the happiest, albeit hectic time of the year.

Be sure to check out holiday deals on high-quality La Baleza yoga mats. You can save up to $15 on a premium yoga mat when you buy one and get another one 50% off. You’ll get your much-deserved relaxation time and cross the yogi in your life off your shopping list, all with the peace of mind knowing you got a great deal.

Cyber Monday is Here! Now is the Best Time to Upgrade the Playroom

For parents, no one is higher up on their gift-giving list than their little ones. Parents are flooded this time of year with thoughts on how to make the holidays magical for children. But what good is that perfect toy or game without a place to play with it? We Sell Mats has a solution. This Cyber Monday, find great deals on gymnastics mats and EVA foam flooring for the best surface to play and learn on.

Build the Ultimate Playroom for your Home

With EVA foam mats, there are endless ways to make a playroom work for everyone in your family. We Sell Mats is committed to inspiring parents and playroom builders with countless colors and textures that are sure to spark creativity. Our standard interlocking mats come in your child’s favorite color and our ABC mats are made with playrooms in mind.

Just because a play area is located at the forefront of your home doesn’t mean it has to clash with your chic design. Our Forest Floor wood printed mats are sophisticated, safe and great for blending in with complimenting existing flooring or creating a whole new look.

Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals

As the biggest shopping day of the year kicks off we’re embracing crazy-good deals on the perfect We Sell Mats products to build the dream playroom on everyone’s wish list. Make the floor play-time ready with 10% off packs of 12” x 12” interlocking EVA foam mats that are fundamental to a modern and well-designed playroom. These EVA mats split into smaller pieces which makes them great for fitting into creative spaces like shelves, drawers, and tight spaces.

Got a future Olympian training in the playroom? We Sell Mats also has unbeatable deals on several gymnastics mats as well. Check them out along with our other deals here. Happy gift hunting!