A Business Makeover

When you don’t have an extra mil sitting around the bank account but you want to do something to give your business a facelift, installing some Premium Carpet Topped floor mats or some faux wood grain EVA foam mats is an affordable and eye-catching option. You can install the mats yourself, so you save on installation costs, too.

EVA foam Carpet Topped mats are the foundation from which you can begin to pick away at other upgrades to your business’ look and feel. EVA foam provides the comfort of a padded surface while the Premium Carpet top offers the look and feel of commercial carpet without carpet’s ability to trap dirt and allergens in a deep pile. Premium Carpet Topped mats are resilient, too – because they are individual mats, if one ever becomes stained or damaged, you can just replace that single mat without having to do the whole floor. You certainly can’t do that with regular carpet! Think of the savings in the long run!

The look of hardwood flooring is always one that impresses, and the same is true for our wood grain mats. Except that when your customers step on them, they enjoy the forgiving nature of EVA foam rather than the solidity of hardwood. Even if you’re just looking to provide a little anti-fatigue flooring behind the counter for your employees (who will love you for it), EVA foam mats are a low-cost, shock-absorbing solution that will boost morale and hopefully productivity and your bottom line.

The EVA foam flooring solution is an obvious one when you’re looking for a way to kick the visual appeal up a notch. Whether you choose the warmth and comfort of the carpet look or the classy, timeless appeal of wood grain, the result will be a transformed space that appeals both to you and your customers. Start small with your makeover – get the right flooring system down and the rest will seem easy.