A Fitness Mat for Every Kind of Fitness!

Woman exercising at home

Fitness routines take many forms, and there are almost as many forms of fitness flooring as a result. You might be a gym owner who needs to cover a large area to keep weights, machines and other fitness stuff on, or you might be getting into yoga and need a mat to take to the studio, or maybe you just want a comfortable space to work out in your own home. There are a lot of options out there, but only a few right ones, so have a look through our fitness mats page and find the perfect fit for you!

The first items you’ll see in the fitness category of our website are our standard interlocking EVA foam mats – an excellent choice if you need to cover a room in a soft surface where several different kinds of fitness activities will take place. If you need something more specific though, look a little further and you’ll find specialized items for individual use, as well as mats for gymnastics studios and martial arts dojos. The martial arts mats have a special textured surface that is specially designed to offer a secure grip during martial arts training. They’re designed to protect a student taking a controlled fall, as well as help provide good footing.

Personal fitness is also a category we pay a lot of attention to – if you look under the Fitness Mats dropdown menu, you’ll see we’re carrying specially-designed yoga mats that help prevent you from slipping or sliding when you’re trying to focus and maintain posture and balance. We also carry folding mats for aerobics, cartwheels and other fitness stuff you might be doing on your own. If you’re not sure which fitness mat is the one you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call – you might find that you prefer using one kind of mat for a different kind of exercise, so let us help you figure out which one fits your fitness vision the best.