A Gift for the Yogi

Giving truly meaningful holiday gifts can be a challenge, but for the yogi in your life, the gift of a Manduka Pro yoga mat is one that communicates your encouragement, support, and respect. The top-of-the-line yoga mat comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, which means it’s a gift you’ll only give once! But it’s one that will continue to give for as long as your yogi wants to practice. What a great gift!

Why does giving a Manduka Pro yoga mat make you the best gift-giver ever? Well, we can think of a few reasons. First, when you give the best of anything, you know it’s going to be of such high-quality craftsmanship that it will perform at the top of its game long after other cheaper kinds will give out. That’s true of the Manduka Pro yoga mat. With a Lifetime Guarantee from Manduka, you can be assured that its quality is of such high standards that the manufacturer stands by it forever. In an age of disposables, it’s good to find someone that still believes in making things to last.

Secondly, the Manduka Pro yoga mats are adaptable to both beginners and seasoned yogis. For someone who’s just beginning a yoga journey, or even someone who’s been at it awhile but appreciates a little extra padding, the Manduka Pro provides 6mm of unbelievably comfortable padding. But the amazing thing is that this particular kind of padding doesn’t detract from one’s ability to achieve balancing postures with confidence and control. Basically, you get the best of both worlds. And if you’re giving a gift to a yogi who likes a little more direct feel of the earth beneath them, consider the Manduka Pro Lite yoga mat. At 5mm thick, it still provides ample padding and is backed by Manduka’s Lifetime Guarantee. You’ll get top craftsmanship, ample padding, and the confidence of a lifetime guarantee when you give either Manduka yoga mat.

Finally, and perhaps this is the most fun reason to give a Manduka yoga mat, you can choose which color and style fit the person to whom you’re giving it. Manduka yoga mats are richly colored to complement, soothe, or challenge a yogi’s personality during their practice. The surface patterns and textures don’t detract from the mat, but provide a mindfully stabilizing effect. They’re kind of like a good, watchful parent, always there, kind of in the background, but visible enough to offer encouragement and support.

Give your yogi the very best Manduka Pro yoga mat for the holidays and you’ll know you’ve made their yoga practice more comfortable and encouraging. And you will be the best gift-giver ever.