A Great Idea for Daycare Facilities

daycare kids' snack time

Daycare providers have a hard sell: convince parents their facility is safe, nurturing, and fun all at the same time. They basically have to demonstrate that they would be a perfect “second home.” No small feat, especially in an environment that is itself not always conducive to safety. But to help create the perfect environment, or at least the next best thing, we have one simple solution: start with the floor. It’s the foundation for everything else, and if it’s the right one, kids will be happy and safe, and parents will be secure and comfortable.Most commercial buildings come standard with hard, cold, unforgiving concrete floors. Often times the solution is to put a commercial grade carpet down to soften and warm up the space. But as all daycare providers know, carpet is a sin when it comes to childcare. Imagine cleaning grape juice and ground-up crackers out of a carpet (not to mention the other things children have a tendency to leave as little surprises in corners)! A daycare floor has to be easily cleaned. A less porous surface than carpet is essential, but harder surfaces are not what the doctor ordered – not as long as rambunctious, uncoordinated toddlers are involved. So what is the solution?

We suggest that EVA foam mats are the perfect way to address flooring needs in any daycare setting, whether commercial or residential. Our mats range in thickness from 3/8″-3/4″ and come in a variety of colors. Because the mats are water-resistant, they won’t absorb spills, and because they’re solid EVA foam, they won’t harbor crumbs, dust mites, or dander. They’re easily cleaned either with just a little water by itself or with a very mild detergent. No harsh chemicals are ever required, keeping your childcare environment safe from potential toxins.

With almost an inch of foam underneath them, your little charges will have fewer tearful episodes due to falls and lots more fun learning to use their amazing little bodies. How perfect is that? Parents will be happy to see their little ones playing hard in a protected environment, and their confidence in you as a caregiver will be bolstered.

If you think this great idea might be right for your daycare setting, give us a call and we’ll send you a free sample so you can try it out. Go ahead and like us on Facebook, too, and you’ll get an automatic 5% discount on any purchase you ever make from us. With simple do-it-yourself installation, you’ll have a new floor in place in no time and be on your way to having happier kids and parents!