A Home Gym in a Snap

When you’re ready to put a home gym somewhere in your house, starting with the flooring system is the best first step you can take. Yeah, it’s fun to shop for machines and weights, but if you don’t have the right foundation to protect you as well as your floors, your home gym may see only a brief window of life. Best to start at the very beginning with the best home gym flooring options available.

EVA foam mats are, hands down, the most affordable, easily-maintained, and attractive home gym flooring solution. Depending on the amount of space you have in which to create this workout space, you can install the floor mats in just minutes. Each mat is made with four sides of puzzle-piece tabs that connect to each other. Just snap them into place, finish with some straight edge pieces, and in a very short time (and without professional help), you’ve got a soft, supportive, anti-fatigue foundation on which to grow your gym. With a little carpet tape on the underside of the mats for added security, you can do just about any workout imaginable, from yoga or pilates to a super-challenging P90x workout or even martial arts. The mats are versatile enough to support any of these.

Depending on the surface texture you need and the aesthetic appeal you desire, your home gym floor can take on several forms. Solid color multi-purpose mats come in different thicknesses so you can find the level of padding that will be right for your workout. For a more studio-like appearance, a wood grain EVA foam mat is an elegant yet functional choice. Maybe you like the look of the floor at the gym – take a look at the rubber topped EVA foam mats for extra durability. No matter which style of mat you choose, you’ll be getting EVA foam comfort, support, and shock absorption that enables you to make your workout last as long as you want.

Snap your new home gym floor together quickly and get on to the more important business of using it!