A Leg Up for Small Businesses in the Fourth Quarter

Nothing reminds you that you’re a small business like having to compete with international retailers in the fourth quarter. Getting customers in the door is made even harder with the ease of online purchasing. The secret to making your business thrive in this cutthroat environment is to have a physical space people love to be in.

Of course our solution to creating a warm, inviting place for customers is to greet them from the ground up with soft, cushioning foam mats beneath their feet. Nothing says, “Welcome!” like stepping onto what you thought was a hardwood floor (“this isn’t wood??”) only to discover the shock-absorbing sensation of EVA foam. Our Forest Floor™ mats may look like real wood, and believe us, they do, but the feel of foam just makes you want to take your shoes off and go barefoot. Right in the store. In front of everybody.

Behind the counter, EVA foam mats are every sales clerk’s dream. Standing for one shift at a time is hard enough, but around the fourth quarter, you can expect to pull overtime. Nothing motivates you more to take on that extra shift like a nice soft place to park your peds. Want your customers to have a great experience in your store? Make sure your employees are comfortable and energized, even at closing time. A positive customer service experience is sometimes all a person needs to keep coming back.

You might not have the buying power of a multi-national retailer, but you do have the ability to make your customers and employees feel cared for with something as simple and affordable as EVA foam mats for your store’s floor. Get ready for you best fourth quarter ever with some top-of-the-line, elegant, and attractive flooring for the store – think of it as a gift to yourself!