A Mat is a Mat is a Mat – Not!

Proper form is probably the most important part of any fitness routine, but before you can get form down, you need to have the equipment that enables it. In a lot of cases, our traditional EVA foam mats will fit whatever function you need. They’re ideal for most fitness environments since they’re designed for ease of installation, cleaning, reliability, and durability. Just pick the thickness and the color you need, and you’ll be set – these are kind of the go-to with us, because they’re very versatile and convenient, but of course, it would be remiss of us to say that one size fits all – so we offer more specialized mats as well as personal exercise mats and the like.

Here’s a brief overview of the different kinds of fitness-specific mats we offer: we’ve got martial arts mats that are designed to be installed just as easily as the EVA mats, but they’re textured to accommodate the kind of motion they’ll encounter in a martial arts training environment. We’re also quite proud to carry the Nastia Liukin gymnastics mats – with the endorsement of a world-class athlete like her, it goes without saying that these are the best in their class. And, of course, we also carry incline mats and other gymnastics gear you’ll need for those types of training.

Unlike a lot of retailers, we make it a point to be familiar enough with our fitness mats and other products to be able to have a conversation about them with you. If you’re not sure what you need for your environment, we’ve got an experienced customer service crew that can help you make a decision that’s going to leave you more than satisfied. We do our best to provide you with low prices, and we offer discounts to our Facebook friends (who are also the first to hear about sales and other discounts!) so come see us there, or contact us here and we’ll make sure you get exactly the right mats for a price that fits your budget!