A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Fitness Christmas Gifts

Alright, so you’ve got someone in your life who’s a budding gymnast, athlete, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast, or just somebody who’s looking to get a little more fit, and you’ve got no idea what to get them for Christmas. You’ve got three guesses what we recommend, and the first two don’t count. Would you believe we’re now selling pants? Didn’t think so. Marinate on this for a moment… what could possibly be a safer Christmas gift than mats? From yoga mats to EVA foam mats, to gymnastics mats, to all other kinds of flooring, they might be an unorthodox gift, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. Nothing says “I love you” quite like what a mat communicates: “I want to keep you from getting injured when you fall,” or “I want your feet to be comfortable in your work or exercise environment.”

Romantic, no? But they’re also great family gifts! Maybe you’ve got somebody with a little one in your life, and the last thing they want is their baby to have to deal with the bumps and scrapes that can occur on a hard floor. Our EVA foam mats are not only perfect for gyms, garages and other heavy-duty environments, they can help keep the munchkins safe in the playroom or bedroom. Better still, they’re easy to clean, and sturdy enough to withstand whatever a little one might throw their way.

Okay, fine, mats might not be the most stereotypically Christmassy of Christmas gifts, but they’re actually a really good choice, especially for those of us who are planning on putting on a little weight over the holidays. A newly-received exercise mat might be all the encouragement we need to lose a little bit of the figgy pudding. In all seriousness though, the whole point of a floor mat is to keep you safe and comfortable, and when you’re doing your holiday shopping, this might be the perfect way to show you’re concerned and looking out for your friend, loved one or family member who’s going to receive it.