A New Aesthetic for Your Trade Show Booth

Transforming your trade show booth doesn’t have to cost a fortune in materials and consulting fees, especially when you start with EVA foam trade show booth floor mats. When you begin with the foundation of your booth, you’re setting the stage not only for a new look, but a new level of performance.

Trade show booth flooring is the unsung hero of the exhibition venue. Think about how you feel physically at a trade show – aching feet, sore joints, no energy. When your trade show booth is built on soft, supportive, anti-fatigue EVA foam flooring, all of that goes away. The foam absorbs the shock of walking and standing on hard concrete surfaces and leaves you feeling like you’re walking on the beach in your flip-flops. And if it can do that for you, think about what it’s going to do for your customers. They’ve been walking around the same concrete floors all day, and when they reach your booth, they’re greeted with that soft, welcoming feel under their feet. They’re a little surprised, and maybe a little more open to your pitch.

EVA foam flooring also changes the way your booth presents itself overall. With some solid color multi-purpose mats, you can choose a color that makes the rest of your booth stand out. Complementary colors for your business color scheme are easy to find in our selection. If you opt for a classy, professional look, wood grain EVA foam mats are your go-to. With the look of hardwood, the entire aesthetic of your booth will take on a greater level of elegance and appeal. Carpet-topped EVA foam mats can add a literal layer of warmth and richness to the look and feel of your booth while making the customer’s experience more like one of visiting the family room of a friend.

Raise the aesthetic appeal of your booth, and its comfort level, with the affordable addition of EVA foam mats.