A New Trade Show Staffer: Your Floor

If you’re one of the vendors whose trade show booth I, as a consumer, will be attending this year, what makes you so special that I should make an effort to put your booth on my route? Face it, my time is limited and there’s no way I’m going to get to all the booths I want to see, so convince me that yours is worth my time. How are you going to do that? One suggestion: make me comfortable with a soft, anti-fatigue flooring made of EVA foam.

When you plan marketing for your exhibition at the trade show, wouldn’t it be cool if you could boast to your potential customers that they will find your booth to be the most comfortable one they’ll visit (and the one with the best product, of course) because you’ve taken the time to make sure there is a soft, 3/8″ EVA foam floor for them to relax on? That might just be enough of a teaser to get a few extra folks to your booth. And it will likely be a draw your competitors can’t touch.

Now imagine that your booth floor is not only cushioned by EVA foam, but get this – it actually looks like a hardwood floor. Classic Oak printed trade show booth floors are the most eye-catching flooring system out there – and they’ve been our best-seller for exhibition booths with good reason. They add class and seriousness to the look of your booth. In a millionth of a second (yes, we’ve measured), what flashes through a customer’s mind is, “Wow, that’s a nice hardwood floor. These guys really take their business seriously.” And a serious business is going to get more attention than one using gimmicks and cheap giveaways to attract serious customers.

Be kind to your potential customers at the next trade show with an exhibition booth floor that impresses, welcomes, and comforts them while you make your pitch. Think of your floor as another staffer whose job is hospitality!